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Apr 13 2013, 12:46 PM
Apr 13 2013, 07:24 AM
Apr 12 2013, 09:55 PM
I think it's fair enough to blame Fetch for the abysmal ratings. They have been on nearly non-stop, all promos have been predominantly about them and twitter feedback has been pretty damning. These are 3 key elements to attracting viewers. Other pairings and characters have either been backburned or reduced to propping Dannifer. Other soaps have achieved good ratings so there is no excuse. I'm pretty sure the 4/4 episode was the one with the ridiculous scene at the hospital. No wonder it only rated a 1.6. What should be worrying TIIC more is that, if feedback on this site and twitter is representative of the overall audience, a good percentage of those still watching are FF Fetch scenes. If they continue to be the "A" story for much longer then ratings will only go lower.
Thing is people who post on boards only make up a small percentage of soap viewers. The average viewer is not posting, checking previews, or going spoiler hunting. They are watching the whole show, and while Dannifer may take up more airtime than they are worth (2 seconds, IMO) they are not the only thing on nor are they the only couple being propped. I wasn't watching regularly for them - I was watching for Nicole, the Wabi baby storyline, and Bristen. No interesting action on any front, and the Wabi baby storyline has become all about Sami who I can't stand. So, why watch regularly? My point is, the average viewer is not obsessing over one couple being on and will out of anger turn off. I don't like Ejami, but they are not the reason I tune out. The thing is there's nothing else that interests me.
There was an article in the Chicago Tribune Arts section a few weeks ago about the use of social media & tv shows & their ratings.
What I took from the article was that while Internet / Social Media Buzz is great
Ratings are what count & pay the bills . Social media however lets TPTB know what
demos they are hitting & why .
Interesting article, and I agree with you as I also took away from it that tptb take away from Social Media what demos they are hitting and why. This, to me, is more dangerous than anything else. The problem is fan bases can scam and scheme to mislead tptb through manipulating social media. I would think they would be too saavy for that.
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