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I am so happy Lazarro has left and I have a feeling he would have to be happy to leave also because he has not been feeling any love from the judges at all and he like all of us must wonder why on earth he was picked in the top 10 also. The agenda from producers Nigel Lythgoe and co was so transparent and they must have been nervous about how long Lazarro, the worst of the worst bunch of males picked, remained and has harmed the credibility of the show IMO. I might be wrong but I blame the producers more than the judges as to who is chosen.
My favourite judges are Keith and Nikki and I mostly like Randy but OMG Marriah Carey gets on my nerves. She rambles on and on and I mostly fast forward through her talking ( I see the show delayed several hours later)

I thought all the females performed well and some shone over the others and as I have mentioned several times my favourite is Kree and Candice next but I must say Candice was the show stopper the other night and she owned the night. She was fabulous and I also loved Angie at the piano for her second performance. I look forward to next week because I believe that the competition can really begin with the high quality females chosen for this season and the distraction of the third rate males now dealt with by the American public who sent them packing.
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