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I think the secret vet return is JJ as Lucky on GH. I don't believe that ABC's Nashville couldn't let him off to tape a few days. Wasn't Nashville on a short hiatus lately? With GH's block taping, that would mean a number of top secret episodes in the can. There have been way too many mentions of Lucky lately, and how he's MIA while his sister is kidnapped. Nikolas called Lucky to warn him about Lulu, and Lucky did nothing? I don't believe it. I wonder if Lucky/Liz will finally be resolved so that she's free to move on. Niz/Quiz triangle! Yummy.

I think the fired employee is the co-head writer for OLTL. Maybe that's the soap that will have the open marriage. Being on the internet, they can be more risque. And maybe by pushing envelope, they hope to get more viewers. And maybe this is the creative difference that caused the firing!
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