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Apr 12 2013, 02:35 PM
Maybe I am a bit evil but I wished drunk Anne had been hitting on Chad and they ended up in bed together, with both of them regretting it the next day. It could add another layer of fun to what is easily the most amusing story on the show right now.

Caroline at the strip club was so out of nowhere and so damn funny. It's too bad we didn't get a scene of Caroline stuffing some money into a stripper's shorts. That would have been awesome.

I feel badly for Parker. He deserves better parents than both Daniel and Chloe. At least his parents were tolerable in their scenes today. I don't think I have said that about them since this story started.

The rest of the week may have been dreadful but at least the week ended well as this was a fun and watchable episode.
Here's my problem: Who's to say Caroline won't blab about Cameron? Maybe Anne's not the only one they should worry about. In fact, the show might have set that up for later. Watch: Anne will be at the Brady pub while it 'hits' Caroline where she saw that young man at the strip club: it's Cameron!
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