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Viewing Single Post From: Jaime Lyn Bauer (Laura) back to Days for 2 episodes
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Apr 14 2013, 01:13 AM
Apr 12 2013, 07:59 AM
So it looks like they are going to be on our screen for almost 2 weeks straight..either both or 1 of them. Why the fuck isn't this called The Dr. Jonas and Jennifer show?!
In a way, it's sort of amazing. I remember the days when Jennifer was just set dressing. It's sort of nice to see the former background scenery characters get their time to shine (Maggie, Jenn). No, I'm not claiming Dan/Jennifer fandom, but I do think it's nice and almost shocking for a fan from the Jarlena pimping days to see another character take the spotlight. it almost seemed impossible for that to happen: that background characters were just that: background characters, with no purpose other than to fill space and populate the town.
Well, look who's laughing now, right Missy?
If it was a decent storyline and it was the real Jennifer then I would be all for it but the story is crap, the characters are crap and it's just a waste of screentime.
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