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The Scorpion
Apr 14 2013, 03:25 AM
Apr 14 2013, 03:10 AM
The Scorpion
Apr 14 2013, 02:41 AM
Apr 14 2013, 02:11 AM
Alison sweeney behavior with fans and her interviews lately she kinda deserve any blacklash she will get from fans if she want to behave like she have one fanbase that fine so she will not supprise later she really have only one fanbase left even that will depend on some stuff
really? personally, I think Ali has done a damn good job when it comes to Promote the hell out of all of her pair, back in the day she Promote the hell out of Lumi, when she was with Rafe she is Promote the hell out of them and now that Sami is with EJ she is Promote the hell out of this pair, that she have block some on twitter, I understand her, my goodness some are really cray cray out there in cyberspace. Let's be honest here, it's a fucking soap, and some seem to have trouble separating the actor from the characters they play.
Actors can promote other pairings without dissing other pairings. Sadly AS does not seem cable to that. in 2007 she may Promote lumi she still pay attention to ej and sami lot when she should when there was not seen story for them[something she show cable to do now when she igonre 90% of time from lumi fans and seem to igonre more and more every day more safe fans]
she claim she was on fence for years and let lucas and sami and ej and fans go against one another and also the same when sami and rafe fans go against ej and sami fans

she have no problem now not be on fence

there no problem alison block people on twitter the problem she did not block in past ej and sami fans that tweet on her the most nasty things and yet now she cable people block [some may deserve it]simply they do not like how sami is written or do no like the story she did not block people say nasty things to her and yet she block people that does not like the story now really
So just because she does not block in the past it's a big deal? Maybe she fedup whatever and those who say they do not like how she is written seems to have a hard time writing constructive criticism many people who complain on twitter draws in her personally like Ali how can you feel blah blah etc.One more thing that she praises James big deal? They all praise him to name a few Ari, Chandler, ED even GG why Because he is a damn good actor who challenges his screen partners, it is no secret that most of them enjoy working with him.
did anything on my post was about alison praises James and did say it bad thing and i mention twitter because you mention it and seem stupid she block someone because the person tweet her not liking how sami is written now[and yet not blame her and nothing in the person timeline bad on alison or sami]or when she block somebody on twitter because she asked why she does not seem victim
despite i have tons stuff of alison did of why she deserve blacklash from fans[not just the examples i gave i have more examples] but this promo weekly thread not the thread why fans should feel mad on alison sweeny or not
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