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Apr 13 2013, 09:41 PM
Rafe and Kate’s attempts at reconciliation fall flat, partly because of Rafe’s ignorance and the other because of Lucas’ hurtful “truth” to Kate. Was Lucas right? Will Rafe never find another love like Sami?

Now they are using Lucas to prop Rafe. :redface:
I rather Lucas not be in the show then being used to prop this wannabe useless boring shit character. It doesn't even make sense. Lucas might not hate Rafe as much as he hates EJ but he still was married to and supposedly in love with the same woman. Lucas should have no use for Rafe. This fucking show and its hard on for everything Hernandez is making me sick. :puke:

Poor Kate, Lucas and Will and even Sami too.
They alreday use lucas to prop of ej all people more than once and right now lucas no idea to help will and act he never have deal with something like that despite something almost exactly like this happen to him if lucas act like he act now in past aside problay will would know as father there no will no be custody wars over will during so many years

lucas is the only that know what it like to be separated from his chlid [and not just 2 seconds]and yet is not really in story they really feelthat they try to sell like lucas doesnt matter in all of this and ej not only cares more, but can do more.
i consider that way worse than anything tiny nice lucas may say about rafe

there difference with rafe and ej aside both of them doing kate and claim to love sami

aside from trying to ruin lucas and sami relationship

ej really hurt lot sami [sami not care about it lucas still should if care about sami]ej try to kill lucas put hit on lucas brother philp and hurt so many other people

and what rafe did kiss carrie while still married to sami[while already cheat on rafe but rafe did not know that]

it more lucas loathe ej while only dislike rafe
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