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Today, April 14th, Kristian Alfonso celebrates thirty years as Hope Williams Brady. And what an eventful thirty years it’s been! In that time, Hope has given birth to three children, lost two children, gotten kidnapped numerous times, gotten brainwashed numerous times, and gotten beaten with a bag of oranges. We asked our members about their favorite Hope moments, and here’s what made the cut!

10. Hope’s 18th birthday
January 3, 1984
Hope’s birthday was quite the event! She was excited to be turning 18 because she would be getting her inheritance from her mother. In the weeks leading up to her birthday, tension had grown between her, her father, and her stepmother. Specifically, Doug wasn’t too happy about the growing relationship between his princess and rebel Bo Brady. It looked like it was going to be a memorable night for Bo and Hope as they began to make love for the first time. It ended up being a memorable night for an entirely different reason..

9. Bo Kidnaps Hope
June 1, 1984
Our next choice doesn’t really need any kind of set-up. Bo was pushing Hope away. Hope was mad. Hope was going to marry Larry. Bo kidnapped her on the back of his motorcycle to an amazing 80s soundtrack. Here was the fight they have once he pulls over.

8. Hope and Billie Fight
November 6, 1998
Recasting Billie didn’t help ease the tension between Hope and her. Billie had recently lost her baby with Bo. Billie used the opportunity to drive a wedge between Bo and Hope and blamed Hope for the baby’s death. Everyone in Salem should know by now to look around for eavesdroppers when you start talking about your secrets! Not every catfight has to be physical, but the punch to the face was a pretty nice touch.

7. Hope Transforms into Gina
January 18, 1999
Three and a half years after finally proving that Hope was actually Hope and not Gina, Hope started to have some strange memories. In the middle of a snowstorm when Hope’s car spun off the road, Stefano and Rolf finally got their change Hope back to Gina.

6. Oak Alley
August 24, 1984
While looking for one of the prisms in New Orleans, Bo and Hope escaped for a little while to Oak Alley. They dressed in fancy Old South clothing, made love for the first time, and exchanged vows in a symbolic wedding. Really, just take your pick of favorite moments.

5. Hope Returns
May 13, 1994
Maison Blanche was one of those umbrella stories that was a game changer for many characters and couples. John and Marlena were being held captive by Stefano, and they’d been hearing some weird noises coming from upstairs. The audience had gotten glimpses of Stefano’s guest, but we hadn’t seen her face yet. With one arch of the eyebrow, we know that after nearly four years Hope was back, and the Hope/Bo/Billie triangle had begun.

4. Bo and Hope Give Up JT
May 1, 2002
The next clip is when Bo and Hope were forced to give JT to his biological father. This story started nearly three years prior and wouldn’t truly be over for another couple of months, but this was one of the first conclusions. Days has had so many stories over the last few years of the parents who raised a child having to give that child up to a biological parent. It’s kind of hard to believe that Days used to know how to do that right, but this clip proves that they once did. Especially noteworthy is the amount of support Bo, Hope, and Shawn have in the room with them.

3. Hope Dies on the Cruise of Deception
July 13, 1990
The Cruise of Deception is famous amongst Days fans for many reasons. It was set up much different from most Days’ stories, and the show even had a special opening that is used that summer specifically for this umbrella story. The Cruise of Deception had many memorable moments including the first time Jack and Jennifer made love, the reveal that Ernesto Toscano was Isabella’s father, and this moment for Hope. Bo and Hope had actually been offscreen with Shawn Douglas for about three years. Due to some manipulations from Ernesto, the couple wasn’t exactly at their happiest. This scene set the stage for the next decade of story for Bo and Hope...even if it seemed at the time that it was the end for Hope. Once again Days reminded us, if there’s not a body, the story isn’t over.

2. The Puzzle Box
August 2, 1995
More than a year after having seen at Maison Blanche, Bo finally got the evidence he needed to convince him that Gina really was Hope. The scene of her actually opening the puzzle box was before this, but this scene was what truly cemented her identity. No flashbacks were needed as Bo and Hope gave us a glimpse of what it was that made them so special a decade before.

1. Zack Dies
January 6, 2006
As far as DR members go, there was no contest when it came to Hope’s best scene. It was the scream heard ‘round the soap world. This story had so many memorable moments; From Hope slapping Chelsea to Bo and Hope saying goodbye to Zack to Zack’s grandfather’s leading the church in Danny Boy to Abe receiving Zack’s corneas. But the last twenty-five seconds of this next clip is one of the most memorable Days’ scenes from the last decade.

Honorable Mention
Doug Sings to Hope
October 2, 1986
Since Kristian and Bill & Susan have both mentioned this clip recently, we just couldn’t leave it out of the list. Context isn’t necessary to enjoy this clip. If only we could get moments like this on Days today. Scenes like this are why characters like Doug and Hope have been beloved by Days fans for so many years.
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