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Open marriage
Best guess is someone from OLTL. It doesn't apply to GH or DAYS at all.

Behind-the-scenes exit
This is obviously Susie Horgan. She's the only backstage exit we have seen recently.

Young Adult
We already found out it was Adriana from Y&R.

Dictator party
MAB! We all know how much she loves her stupid parties.

Thinking this is probably AMC or OLTL because of how they're going to be showing more skin than the other soaps. I don't think its Erika Slezak though because she has already mentioned it and they're not going to ask her to do something like that. If its from one of the other four my guess would be Steve Burton.

Casting Wars
Has to be GH and Y&R. They are going to be going at it even more. I think JFP will want to fire back at GH for some of their recent castings.

This is Steve Burton. Y&R is full of spoiled cast members that think they rule the world and he gets more perks than anyone.

contract negotiations
I'm not sure if I should hope this is Dannifer or not. I don't want DAYS to be negotiating with them because I just want them to leave. But there's always the hope that the talks will fall through. Could all be 2 of the never-ending triangle on B&B.

Leading Man
Trevor St. John! Although I don't consider him a household name. Or really anyone else that could be returning to soaps. I don't think its John Stamos because he was never a leading man.
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