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The cast is big, but don't really think its too bloated. I do agree if you can get Maura West, then you get Maura West. Also all of the people you named are hardly ever on GH anymore. Kate/Connie was specifically shipped away so Brenda (a vet) could get a storyline for the anniversary. I don't want Kate/Connie back, but she'll be back soon. Hopefully with reduced airtime. It seems like they realized something wasn't working with her considering she was shipped away.

Britt doesn't really get much airtime either. Not sure I would consider her an air hog at all. But I've become a huge fan of her mother, Dr. Obrecht. Britt and Sabrina work at the hospital, along with Ellie so if most of their scenes are there I'm not upset. The show has been lacking hospital drama for years and if they had to bring in new doctors and nurses to do it, then so be it.

I'll accept that Sabrina was an airhog, but even she has been reduced A LOT. The propping seems to have slowed down massively since her makeover, even though she was only on like twice after that happened. Now that she's kinda on a level playing field with everyone else instead of being treated like a teenager I'm hoping for improvement there.

The vets ARE the focus of this show right now and everyone else is in a supporting B or C storyline.

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