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Apr 13 2013, 10:53 PM
Apr 13 2013, 10:45 PM
Apr 12 2013, 12:26 PM
I'm wondering if they're filming some sort of big event kid. All of the little Sami kids there...Adrienne and Justin...Julie...

It seems like they are pulling everyone in for something.
Maybe a wedding?
I can't see Adrienne, Hope or Julie being at an Ejami wedding but I can see them being at a Wilson one....anyone think Sonny and Will tie the knot?
I'd hope they would wait for a couple different reasons.

If Salem is supposed to be in Illinois, I'd hope they would wait till it is legal in Illinois since it seems that could be close to passing. I get this is a soap but still. Also if Will and Sonny already get married, I am not sure they can do much with them story wise. They already treat Will and Sonny as a couple different than most of the other couples on this show. Unless Chandler isn't re-signing and the plan is to have Sonny exit with him, I just see marriage resulting in no story left for them. Though, I'm on board for Brian being recast and leaving Sonny with Brian should Chandler decide to leave. I guess Sonny's ex could still come back even if he's married to Will and maybe Sonny decides to stay with his ex? I like Will and Sonny but lately I'm not as enamored as I used to be with them. First the show needs to find a way to treat Will and Sonny more seriously as a couple than marriage would make sense.

But it does seem Wally and Judi have been taping a quite a bit. Besides being in episodes with Sonny, they never seem to appear and that sadly is only once in a great while. So a Wilson wedding crossed my mind also, especially if the actual custody battle is after the baby is born and it's sounding more and more like that could be what happens.
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