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Viewing Single Post From: NBC weekly preview: week of April 15th
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Apr 14 2013, 12:25 PM
Apr 14 2013, 11:45 AM
The Scorpion
Apr 14 2013, 01:46 AM
Apr 14 2013, 12:40 AM
Wasn't the Safe date at Common Grounds?

Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
Yes, I also wonder why? personally I think it sounds crazy but hey that's just my opinion.
The only difference I see now is AS is promoting the EJami storyline. So it is something new if you are not sitting on the EJami sideline, but EJami's are well aware of how it goes. I get that it sucks when it's not your turn because I had to wait seven years for our turn and for AS to promote EJami while the story is EJami. She's done the same for Safe and Lumi. There's no difference except that a 'new kid' is getting a turn. :shrug:
Here it is in a nutshell and I'll plainly say it.

During the most heated fan wars IMHO (Ejami/lumi) circa 2007, Ali Sweeney decided that it would be best if she retreated from posting on fan shipper sites that she had posted in before FOR YEARS, through Brandon/Sami and Austin/Sami she never stopped. She decided that she would post at her own site. I got it then, I didn't understand it much though, why not post at both 2C and FL? It was so stupid for her to retreat and perch herself on that fence, that she remained perched on for the next 7 years...in one way or another....through Ejami/Lumi and Ejami/Safe storylines she never came off that fence.....THEN all of a sudden she jumps off NOW? Why? If it's something SHE wanted to do, then why didn't she do it before? You know many have said that she is just now following the show's lead and she is promoting the story the show is giving her but that is absolutely false because she isn't only promoting the show but she's siding herself squarely with one fan base, one fan base that if James Scott would leave tomorrow would NOT SUPPORT HER with ANY OTHER PAIRING, not her and Lucas and especially not her and Rafe, so how smart is she now? She's damn stupid IMHO and it's all so clear now...she never did it for the Lumis back in 2007, or for the Safes after, she did it so she wouldn't hurt her Ejami fans....and that's just wrong.... and if that wasn't enough, she's been quoted of late with some of the most bizarre quotes I've ever read from her. Things like, "I don't consider Sami a victim", "I'm different with him than anyone else" meaning acting along side James....those two quotes pretty much say that she sees Sami as a kind of person that just wanted to go back and continue to fuck her rapist, because you know.....Sami was never a victim, she doesn't consider her as such and that she prefers working with James than any one else....So sami hasn't been a victim in Ali's mind....not even when Ej did all the horrible things he did, she was fine...because she kept coming back for more.....Ali could have simply said that Sami didn't consider herself a victim but that's not what she said and IMHO I find her acting with James as OTT, she's certainly different with him...she SUCKS and for all these reasons and mainly the words coming out of her mouth and her actions is why I will never ever be an Alison Sweeney fan again and it's going to take me a whole lot in terms of writing some outlandish out for her for me ever to consider myself a fan of Sami Brady ever again.....she lost me as a fan and she's lost more than just me, but she doesn't care.....because she has all her other fans now...that's fine....and we all know why no other man she's ever been with is given a believable other love story too.....because she KNOWS that the majority of all her shipper fans would ship the male with someone else in a heartbeat if the chemistry was there and if the story was there.....IMHO I think she did fear Ejole and their growing fan base and writing for their couple.....I just want Lucas to get something that good...and I wish Rafe would too.....

Oh and I haven't even mentioned how she's blocked SOME Lumis on twitter......not the well known Lumis but ones that expressed outrange when she said that SHE doesn't consider Sami a victim.....I saw the tweets and they weren't all that bad....and to my knowledge she never blocked a Safe, Ejami or a Lumi before and I've seen some very bad tweets to her from all three bases...so why target one fanbase now? It's just bizarre.....
See. I guess it's just a matter of perspective and depends on what sideline you are sitting on. It's true she stopped posting on 2C when FL came around, but other than that, I never saw AS doing anything to promote EJami. She never really said anything against them but she sure as heck never said anything for them either. I waited years for her to say one clear, positive comment that was for EJami. It never came until this last go-round. Meanwhile, she continued to say pro-Lumi stuff and then of course, lots of pro-Safe stuff.

I don't know. Maybe it's easier for me to see why she's doing all this pro-EJami stuff because I've been on the 'ignored' list already for a long time? From my perspective I truly don't think she's done anything differently. Aside from the online chat, but does Safe have a website? If so, has GG ever done a chat there, let alone AS? Have they asked? I don't know but I do know that we just had James chatting with us at FL for years before AS agreed to do a chat.

As far as twitter, I think it's about damn time she blocked some people. I've seen tweets from all 3 fanbases that need to be blocked. Maybe she's just reached her limit. I certainly wouldn't blame her. I've seen her call out a well-known Safe tweeter so I'd be surprised if she hasn't blocked some Safe's too. It would make sense she hasn't blocked EJami's (yet) because no EJami's are saying negative stuff to her at the moment. It's our turn and everyone's fairly pleased. I'm sure that will change in time and I would expect her to handle it the same way.

Again, I truly just think it's a matter of perspective.
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