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My goodness. All of this from a Days promo. I guess the crappy editor and shitty VO guy did a good job this week.

I love Sween and I have loved all of Sami's leading men but Rafe. I don't think she's promoting the show any differently than before. I recall having to unfollow her on Twitter for a while because I got sick to death of seeing pictures of Sween and Galen Gering holding penguins, kissing penguins, feeding each other penguin shit shipped in from Antarctica and generally hamming it up for the Days viewers. She always does this and even if for argument's sake this was her dream storyline and she is creaming her jeans over it, who gives a shiz? It's not a bad thing for the actors to enjoy their storyline and if you don't enjoy it, there are other stories to enjoy. No big deal.

Plus, the show is promoting itself and allowing its actors to promote it differently. They are using social media a lot more - that includes Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, fanboards, etc...because social media is quickly becoming the most popular way to promote entertainment. Eileen Davidson just did a tweetfest this past week. It's nothing new or different.

Whether anyone likes it or not, Sami and Ej are a couple on Days and they are getting engaged this week. This has been a story 7 years in the making. Quite a few people are pretty fucking excited about it. They are going to promote the shit out of it including the 2 actors involved. That's just the way it goes.
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