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Apr 14 2013, 12:25 PM
IMHO I think she did fear Ejole and their growing fan base and writing for their couple.....
given the EJAMI fanbase went no where and kept getting bigger through all the mess thrown at them, I fail to see what she had to fear from that perspective :lol:

as for the rest, she is damn right to block the rubbish being sent to her; sure you can say whatever the fuck you want and it is her prerogative to NOT have to take it.

The expectation seems to be that AS should insult the EJAMI pairing as it is happening to appease her other fans, and it is good to know that she is above that nonsense. She promotes the sl that is airing, you send her stuff more than likely you will get a pic whether your sl is front or center or not and I think she damn well knows for all the 'I am done with her' going on now, the moment the sl shifts the same ones will be right back, hell you see it already whether little scenes play out.
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