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I don't understand where this conversation gets lost every single time. What's even the point since none of you seems to read what anyone else says? We have this conversation EVERY FEW MONTHS with everyone trading sides. The problem that arises when an actor blocks someone from one fanbase is that everyone with eyes knows that they've received similar or worse comments from other fanbases and didn't block them. Chances are high that the blocked fanbase just did it at the wrong time. Every single one of AS's fanbases has been in this same boat and every single one of her fanbases has complained about the way she promotes one pairing at the expense of their favorite. I dream of a day when we can all just come together and agree that she sucks at this. She didn't suddenly get good at it just because it's a pairing you like, and she didn't suddenly start sucking at it because it's a pairing you don't like.
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