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Yep. Its all hindsight. There was nothing wrong with RC bringing some characters to GH. I think it was brilliant. Yes, there were some hits and misses and I'll never know the point of bringing Tea on to kill her baby. I do think RC and FV planned to bring Trevor St. John to General Hospital, as well...until the Prospect Park revivals became a reality. The stories got jerked around and now it looks like a dumb decision. I don't blame anyone for this because I will never accept that it was a bad move. I was really excited when I heard that OLTL characters would be appearing on GH. It seemed like OLTL was dead for good and there was never any chance of a revival.

I think they'll have Tea's baby still dead and say that Todd was involved in the situation. It says Tea explains what really happened with her baby so they can easily explain it without saying Sam and Heather's names. Its not like Heather and Sam are known to the people in Llanview anyway. She can easily just say, "Some woman" and "Some crazy ass lady." Poor Tea. I REALLY hope that is Victor coming back because she needs some happiness. And I love Florencia Lozano. I hope she is a major focus of the show.
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