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camera shy
Apr 14 2013, 02:41 PM
Panda Panda
Apr 14 2013, 01:59 PM
They aren't even legally married. He can't ask for a divorce.
These writers don't care about what's been written in the past. Under MarDar they weren't married. We just had EJ say he never knew the baby Nicole was carrying was his until it was too late when he knew all along the child was his. And we had Nicole tell Eric how anxious EJ was to divorce her and payed her a large settlement when we actually saw him begging her over and over to come back to him and even cried about it once when she refused. What happend under MarDar doesn't matter to Tomlin and company. Oh I got that wrong about EJ and the baby what he said was a worst lie, he said "I didn't know he existed until after he was gone". That wipes out the whole story of Rafe lying about being the father.....EJ didn't even know his baby existed. Tomlin never learned continuity is a writers best friend.
And Mar/Dar made it as if the EJOLE divorce was not already in progress, that EJ saw Taylor as a 'what was he thinking'; they all do things to suit their purposes.

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