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I thought it was stupid for EJ to use Nicole's baby as a reason.The entire time she was pregnant he told her and everyone it was his baby even after Rafe said the baby belonged to him and the baby was dead before he was delivered.
He still missed out, even though he knew it was his child, just like Will is.
I honestly don't see what EJ missed with Nicole's baby and Will has missed even less.I don't recalll EJ even going to see the baby after the baby was delivered and he went to Sami and offered to have his dead baby's DNA tested just to prove to her that Rafe was a liar.Will was present for the sonogram.He received a copy of the sonogram.I at a loss to recall what Gabi actually refused Will in connection with the baby.I know she chose a name for the baby without consulting Will but until the baby is born,the baby's name is not written in stone and I think if he has strong objections to the name,Gabi would likely reconsider.She is still shown as considering Will a good friend and wanting him to be part of his baby's life.Even Nick is not saying Will is not the biological father,he just doesn' want Will to have legal rights in connection with his daughter.
He didn't get a chance to take part in the pregnancy experience. I have no idea whether or not he went to see the child, (we weren't told what happened to the baby after his death either, but I think we can assume he's not still at the hospital) but he was shown being upset when Nicole and Rafe had him barred from the exam room when Nicole was getting a check up, so it's clear that he wanted to be there for those moments. As for Will - Gabi is not the one who's barring him from being part of the pregnancy, but Nick has already forced Will to sign over his rights and warned him to keep his distance, so he's in the same boat as EJ was, even though in this case, it's the future stepfather doing the shutting out, instead of the mother. Do you think Nick wouldn't threaten Will if Will tried to attend Gabi's appointments, or suggested a different name, or wanted to be there to see the birth? Gabi is basically a walking incubator in this story. Nick is running the show and taking liberties he has no right to and ultimately, Gabi is allowing it. And the situations are not exactly the same, but in both stories we have a father knowing that he's being shut out, unlike what Sami and Rafe did with Grace.
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