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Sounds like they took a wrong turn with Eric/Nicole all right. Too bad. I thought that had real promise.

I do think Fetch has been very detrimental to the show for numerous reasons, including messing up history and horrible OOC/shallow writing. The way so many characters have been used/killed/turned into villains/whatever for the benefit of Fetch simply amazes me. I also think, if not downright detrimental to ratings, Fetch is not something that will draw in many viewers. They have no oomph. Some will root for them, because the show is certainly writing them as the rooting couple (but that kind of heavy-handed writing will turn some off of Fetch too), but I don't think they're the sort of couple that grips many people. I think the only couple that really gets people gaga currently on canvas is Ejami (though some dreadful writing for them, and the insta-hook, up has caused me to lose interest). I know Ejami are also largely despised, but I think it's worth writing for them because they have the oomph to be the draw for some viewers---people get passionate about them. I thought putting lock, stock, and barrel into Ejami was a good move, but then Ejami had insta-hook-up, and the lock stock and barrel seem to have gone to Fetch.

However, I would think, even with Fetch as the lead story, the numbers should go up next week, because the Chloe/Fetch triangle came to its climax with Daniel outing Chloe (and Fetch weren't actually together much, so that's an improvement). I didn't see the scenes, but it sounds like the Chloe/Daniel stuff was at least some decent drama, and I think there is more chemistry there, even if they are at odds. Anyway, even when a mediocre story for a mediocre pairing hits the climax that has been building for quite some time, that should bump the ratings a bit. If it doesn't . . . well, maybe it won't. Fetch is really, really lousy. A Fetch climax isn't much of a climax. Speaking of climaxes, did anyone even care when Fetch finally slept together? I remember waiting and waiting for that with couples I cared about, but with Fetch, yeah, big deal.
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