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Viewing Single Post From: FX CANADA to air #AMC and OLTL in Canada!
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Not gonna lie, I will keep them on the internet unless they can get a cable deal with a network that lets them do what they want. Yes FX primetime pushes boundaries with American Horror Story, etc...but they do have their limits too. Just the OLTL that came out on iTunes yesterday had Tea yelling, "I don't need any FUCKING water!" at Blair. And that video has been pulled down. They're going to have to edit all the shows they've already filmed to fit TV or there's going to be beeps going off.

Overall I just want what's better for the show. If its a success online and in Canada then FX will probably pick it up in the US. I really don't think its strange at all that its only in Canada. They signed contracts with Hulu (US) and iTunes so they can't be put on TV for likely a year, depending on how long the contracts are for.
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