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Apr 15 2013, 09:25 PM
Apr 15 2013, 09:20 PM
Was anyone else perplexed by this line:
"We’re told that was the deal ABC and Prospect Park agreed to while they continue negotiations over the characters."

If they're continuing negotiations, could that somehow mean the Llanview characters still have a shot in Port Charles, and that whatever new characters the actors return as are more of illusion?
That's how I took it. Which IMO would make the situation even stupider lol.
Ron Carlivati, as far as I'm concerned, has made himself one of the greats, especially since his and FV's work saved GH from certain cancellation, and made me a diehard GH fan (and there was just something about the feel of the ABC soaps that never appealed to me. Sure, I'd watch AMC and OLTL and the earlier stuff, but, either too girly or something...) Anyway, I'm not sure even this Doug Marlandesque genius could make such a convoluted situation work.
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