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Apr 15 2013, 09:45 PM
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I am SO happy to have choices for my girl! Be it Ericole or Varcole (although that sounds too much like varicose for me, LOL), I will be happy. And I WANT that dress!
So, Fetch lives happily ever after while Chloe snaps out of her crazy invasion of the body snatcher alternate personality. And Parker now has a big sister. Two big sisters, actually, if you count Melanie (I mean Abby as a surrogate big sister). Oh, joy.
Somewhat intrigued with the Kristin thing. If she would only go high-heels to wingtip with Victor. A Maggie-less Victor.
Kate and Rafe. No angst, please. Just sex.
As far as Rate goes...no angst and no sex would work for me. This pairing is getting beyond stupid..A one night stand or even 2nds the next morning was one tbing; continuing it with weepy-eyed Kate is another. Move Kate back into Stefano's orbit and pair Rafe with someone in his own age group that he can have a real romance withn
IMO Rate's age difference doesn't matter, they have chemistry! Rate could be interesting if TPTB were willing to
slowly build a real relationship with them, it would be an intense storyline with a jealous Stephano Dimera in the mix.
But, TPTB have ended them. At this time the only woman on the canvas Rafe has chemistry with besides Kate is Nicole,
however, she's in lust with Vargas.
It's not so much the age difference with Rate that bothers me..it's the fact that this is Kate...the ex-wife of Stefano Dimera, a woman that Rafe never had much use for and who is the opposite of pretty much everything Rafe stood for and believed in, not to mention that she is Sami's ex MIL and Will's grandma.
They should have just left this couple with the ONS, but it's pretty obvious they didn't have anything else to do with them so the writers continued the 'secret' affair ignoring the improbability. Now everyone pretty much knows, so in order to keep it rolling they have to try and squeeze some kind of 'relationship' out of it no matter how mismatched they are and how annoying it's becoming.

Kate blubbering like a fool and going off on her 'feelings' just let's me know this is headed into disappointing territory. Kate should be a strong confident woman, unapologetic about taking action to help her grandson gain some parental rights. Why should she feel remorse that she approached Gabi and pushed for her to step up and name Will as the father on the birth certificate? The fact that she's all worried about upsetting her sex buddy because he didn't give his stamp of approval just shows how they are losing her character in this. Kate backing down and becoming the love sick wimp? Puhleeze!

It's also a stretch to have Rafe jump back in the sack with another woman he distrusts especially one taking advantage of his sister in his eyes. The whole thing reeks of character assassination.

I know there is a Stefano reaction, but for me it's not worth sitting through this pair and all the baloney they are writing to sell them.
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