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IMO Rate's age difference doesn't matter, they have chemistry! Rate could be interesting if TPTB were willing to
slowly build a real relationship with them, it would be an intense storyline with a jealous Stephano Dimera in the mix.
But, TPTB have ended them. At this time the only woman on the canvas Rafe has chemistry with besides Kate is Nicole,
however, she's in lust with Vargas.
It's not so much the age difference with Rate that bothers me..it's the fact that this is Kate...the ex-wife of Stefano Dimera, a woman that Rafe never had much use for and who is the opposite of pretty much everything Rafe stood for and believed in, not to mention that she is Sami's ex MIL and Will's grandma.
I understand, but a Rate relationship would be just so very soapy and interesting! Two people who are total opposites with many differences unexpectendly fall in love....
And, Rafe was just too self-righteous and boring, but with Kate he wasn't Mr.Perfect.
For me there is just an ick factor with these two. I don't like Kate as a weepy, love-sick puppy and I don't like seeing Rafe compromising who he really is. Rafe doesn't need to be self- rightous, but at least have both characters remain true to who they are.
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