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Well I really don't know. I watched videos from YouTube from when Stavros was holding Laura prisoner on Cassadine Island. He tried to sleep with her and she rejected him. He threw her on the bed and said he would never force himself on her and said that one day she would love him. Then he gave her a newspaper from Port Charles showing that Luke had been killed. Then they got married and slept together. I mean you can consider this rape because of the lies and manipulation.

When Stavros did come to Port Charles he tried to flat out rape Laura and was unsuccessful. Leading to his death. Plus there was a scene in the 90s when Lucky was accusing Nikolas of being the product of a rape. At the time Helena had only told Nikolas good things about his "dead" father and Nikolas fired back that wasn't true and Lucky's father was the one who actually raped Laura. I guess its open to interpretation. I don't recall Laura ever saying Stavros raped her, but I could be wrong.

I'm pretty sure they're going to do a WTD with Lulu though. This brainwashing I would have to consider rape either way.
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