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camera shy

Apr 16 2013, 08:13 AM
Let's be real here the ONLY reason the writers decided to go with kate and rafe is so that it can affect both Ejami and Stefano/Kate later on in some way, shape or form.....pretty much guaranteeing that Sami will be implanted into Rate as some time with some excuse....it helps also play the Wabi/Nabi thing too.....a bit...but they aren't even utilizing Rate in that story enough to convince me that was part of the 'original' plan....so I'm leaning toward this shit becoming about Sami sooner or later...and low and behold next week we get Rafe promising Kate he'll get over Sami while Lucas tells Kate that Rafe likely will never find another love like Sami's....stupid but expected.
Oh and don't forget Kristen setting Rafe and Sami up. But I hope one of the new actresses coming on board will be a new love interest for Rafe, but with Lucas thinking that Rafe will never find another love like Sami, I doubt it.
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