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I've said this many times before, but AMC needed to be fully rebooted. That show was a hot damn mess for years. I love the core that they have...of course there are some people missing that I would love to see, but I think more people will be stopping in and sticking around after a time.

Clearly Marissa is dead and I think this is the best decision they could have made. It has by far the most drama possible. I loved the scene of Bianca going after JR. I wonder if he will have amnesia or something after being in a coma for so many years. I mean how can he be redeemed? I don't remember was he aiming for Bianca or Marissa at the end of the old AMC?

David and Cara were the absolute BEST thing about AMC at the end for me, personally, so I couldn't be happy to see them being a major focal point in this short preview. They are so hot together and two great actors. I got goosebumps at the end when David said, "Now I'm back and there's going to be Hell to pay." He's my favorite AMC character!

I almost thought Stuart was there because of the scene with Dixie hugging Adam, but I'm guessing they are at JR's bedside when he wakes up. Weird to see them so warm with each other. Cannot WAIT to see Adam and Brooke :). I'm going to miss Tad most of all, I believe. But I do think Michael E. Knight will hop on board once he realize that this is all going to work out.

The bad guys actually look menacing and REALLY bad, unlike anything on any of the daytime soaps right now. The bad guys are always so damn corny. I am loving the new people already. I'm instantly interested in this Celia person as soon as I see the scene where she looks in the mirror and sees a guy behind her (Her dad?) Very interesting. NuMiranda has looked like a STAR to me since the first time I saw her and this clip makes her look even better. The Miranda/AJ dynamic should be interesting.

Can't wait to see Jesse and Zach teaming up to take these bad guys down and find Jesse's daughter. Really can't think of her name right now for some odd reason. And I love the new theme song. Its really good and therefore automatically better than whatever Snoop comes up with for OLTL. All in all I could NOT be more excited and really saw nothing for me to complain about...yet. Is it April 29th yet??
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