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Apr 16 2013, 07:55 PM
Apr 16 2013, 07:36 PM
...and I'm not sure what was intended by Daniel's Mr. Rogers' sweater.
Sounds like Daniel acquired Jack's sweater collection along with everything else that belonged to him. Jennifer probably also gave him a few of Tom's sweaters from the attic for good measure.

Yep, Daniel is settling in, folks. He's pretty much got everything he needs to ensconce himself in the Horton house and as patriarch-to-be of the show. Now, he just needs a pipe and some slippers, and Jennifer in an apron cooking up a pot roast for dinner.

Yeah, maybe Daniel can give Jennifer a string of pearls to wear with her apron next time he's in a gift-giving mood. I'm sure she'll be just delighted with her new Donna Reed look. Silly Jen-Jen! All those years she wasted trying to be a kickass investigative journalist, when all she really wanted from life was a sweet little job at the hospital that gave her plenty of opportunities to see her hot, buff, Scooby-Doo imitating man but still be home to make him a nice hot dinner and maybe even fry him up a batch of homemade doughnuts like her sainted grandmother (who would probably be spinning in her grave to see her once-spunky granddaughter as a Stepford Wife-in-Training to the patient-groping Dr. Perv).
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