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Poor Chloe. Those scenes made me so sad and NB did really well with the material. I HATE that Jen was there for the conversation and I wanted to punch her in the face when she was so happy about Chloe leaving. MR was terrible today. When she should've been looking sympathetically at Chloe, she had a stupid I-won-first-prize look on her face. Ugh! Please, please, please let happy Fetch be backburnered.

I LOVE that Caroline is the only Brady (besides Sami) that EJ seems genuinely interested in winning over. He's fake nice to the rest of them when need be, but I swear he really likes ol' Chompers. His flirting with her kills me. JS was at his bumbling, swoonworthy best in the proposal scenes. The way he looks at Sami totally just kills me (and he's so much better at the teary eyes than the sobbing). Can't wait for the big Ejami conversation tomorrow.

I liked the near-miss envelope in the Bristen scenes. This story has needed more little near-miss moments, as its been drama-free for months now. The Sy-Stefano scenes were really ominous at the end too - nice to think that something is finally going to happen.

John sucks, but I always thought he sucked so its nothing new for me not to like him. I felt bad for Marlena though. DHer's pretty crying always gets me. And I'm always a fan of Marlena and Brady.

Varcole continues to be sexy and fun (but not as awesome as Vope will be). I LOVE Sean Douglas. Oh and I really want to see Nicole's PowerPoint on Salem relationships.
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