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Today was what I've been waiting 7 years for and I loved it! Every part of Ejami was awesome. Cannot wait until tomorrow, its gonna be epic! I will concede one small point, EJ/JS could use a haircut. He's still the most beautiful man I have ever seen though and OMG sexy today.

As much as I hated the ready-made-family scenes with Dannifer at least maybe this signifies them being on the back-burner. Soap gods, please make this happen. Too bad Days shoots so far in advance and they couldn't derail this trainwreck.

I always think Nicole/Sami scenes are hilarious. I certainly don't think Sami is a saint, but she was dead-on with Nicole 21-dead. I still like Vargas and Nicole. Hope he sticks around. Fans seem to like him.

Love, love, love Caroline and EJ today!

Kristen and Stefano were good as well. Love seeing Stefano remind us what a bad ass he is. Is the wardrobe guy color blind though? I think ED is one of the most beautiful women in daytime and she looked great today. Do I need to drive to Salem and deliver a letter opener. This envelope is ridiculous!

This is the first time I've watched live in months, so the first time I see the Jen/Dan mess in a long time and it is truly as bad as ever. So glad I can normally ff that crap.
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