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Apr 16 2013, 09:51 PM
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Apr 16 2013, 09:34 PM
The Chloe stuff would have made more sense if it went on much longer (not that I wanted it to). One day she is scheming to get Daniel and threatening to keep Parker away, and the very next day she is sorry and leaving Parker with him? It doesn't make any sense. That said, I am glad the storyline is over. It sucked from the start.

The shit with the envelope is driving me nuts. Somebody, anybody, just OPEN IT.

It really sort of feels like Tomsell wanted this story to go on further but NB decided to just end her run and they had to end the story right? at least that is what it feels like to me....so the second part of the story will happen soon...when JJ comes to town in a few weeks...it does really seem that if not for NB leaving, Chloe would have been around causing more trouble and JJ wouldn't have arrived now.
NB keeping her stint short and not extending it is probably why Anne is sticking around longer to make Jen-Jen's life hell. JJ will probably come on further down the road to give Fetch trouble on two fronts.

As nonsensical and offensive as this storyline has been, I'm not sorry to see it end. And if NB's determination to leave before Chloe was damaged further screwed the pooch for TomSell's long-range plans, I'm not sorry for that either. The writing/characterization has been one-sided, manipulative, heavy-handed, and just plain bad.
I'm guessing Jj will be on pretty soon. The photo of that old guy's birthday had both NB and the actor we assume is JJ in it so he must have been at least rehearsing before NB left.
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