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NE Spoilers week of April 29th

AJ's actions lead to an unexpected kiss

Ellie gets Maxie's medical files

Lulu's actions prompt Dante to punch someone

Sabrina confronts Britt

Carly learns that she missed urgent calls from Sonny while she was with AJ

credit: jcren

Titles and Previews

Monday ("The Bottle")
AJ heads for trouble after he gets hears a familiar voice answer Liz's phone; Nikolas makes a declaration to Liz; Max gives Milo an ultimatum.

Tuesday ("Dante's Behavior")
Lulu is angry at Dante for his actions; Spinelli learns some information regarding Lauren's location.

Wednesday ("Second Chances")
Liz tells AJ that she wants to give them another shot; Maxie informs Spinelli of Ellie's deviant activity.

Thursday ("Phone Mishap")
AJ has a intriguing proposal for Liz; Patrick overhears Sabrina questioning Britt about her pregnancy.

Friday ("Appointment")
Lulu accompanies Maxie to an appointment; Luke gives Tracy some information about the Quartermaine heir.

Spoiler preview week of April 29th

After getting dumped by Elizabeth, AJ ends up having unexpected sex at the Quartermaine mansion. (My guess, Carly.) It is described as wild and “anti-romantic.” In the non-existent afterglow, AJ goes to great lengths to keep Monica from finding out. Monica thinks he slept with Liz until she shows up at the door. Liz, who has rejected Nik’s attempt to reconcile, thinks she was too hasty and in breaking it off with AJ. This makes AJ ecstatic. The question remains, does he tell Liz about his secret tryst with this other woman.

Sonny and Shawn find themselves on the wrong side of the gun.

Luke surprises Tracy with important news, while Scott presses Laura about their nuptials.

Laura and Nikolas discus his relationship with Elizabeth

Sabrina confronts Britt

Carly misses an urgent call while tending to AJ.

Daily Spoilers week of April 29th

4/29, Carly and A.J. argue when they see Olivia and Sonny dining together; Johnny asks Connie to warn Carly; Rafe and Molly kiss.

4/30, Sonny tries to find out what is going on with his son; Nikolas makes an admission to Liz; Max issues an ultimatum to Milo.

5/1, Monica wants to know who A.J. is spending time with; Nikolas is determined to win Liz back; Dante's behavior makes Lulu furious.

5/2, Liz tells A.J. that she wants to give him another chance; Dante refuses to leave Milo's apartment; Maxie exposes Ellie's illegal activity.

5/3, Shawn and Sonny are faced with the barrel of a gun; Carly and A.J. realize they swapped phones by mistake; Britt is confronted.
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