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Well, I hope Gabi realizes all of Nick's ultimatums, threats and forcing of legal papers on Will and his family is only going to bring her and her daughter trouble for years to come. Especially when members of Will's family have 1) Given Nick a high paying job 2) Given him a place to live 3) Have gone to bat for him in every way imaginable to help him re-build his life.

Aside from Sami, both the Brady's AND the Horton's have been nothing but good to Nick and Nick pulling all this shit is just demonstrating what a massive DOUCHEBAG he is. And if/when the rest of the town figures everything out, they'll be the town pariahs. Kate could fire Nick's ass, Victor and Maggie could throw his ass out on the streets, if so, no other family member would take him in etc....

Seriously for all of the "genius" Nick is supposed to have, he doesn't have an ounce of common sense.
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