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John has a "Master Plan"? It's a double edged relief. If the plan included isolating Marlena by seducing Kristen, then I am still disgusted.

As for the rest, at least Nicole gets a clue. Now that is in character, and the writers finally get one character right. Also, i agree with the statement above, it beats the hell out of the "Safe House".

My thought is May will bring another Days style wedding disaster for Brady and Kristen by months end. The question is, will Marlena just run back into John's arms after the "sexual tension" building between John and Kristen. IF Days stays in character, John should have to chase Marlena for a while. Otherwise, once again, her character looks pathetic and co-dependent. I am all for eventual reconciliation, since I am a die hard J&M fan. Just let Marlena dish out what she's been getting, and play hard to get.
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