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LOL at the starry eyed way Molly looked at Rafe. Oh TJ, you are so going to get dumped in the very near future.

Ellie is getting a bit carried away. Even though I think Sabrina is propped to the high heavens, Britt and Maxie reminded me of why I can't completely hate her. In a show full of nasty, manipulating, lying, bitchy, skanks, it's nice to have one "nice girl." type. Those two were just full of piss and vinegar today!

I find the concept that being around Sonny causes mental illness completely hilarious! :blulaugh: Oh Carly, I was on your side for once against Brenda last week, but you trying to put a guilt trip on Connie/Kate/whoever the hell she is now, about breaking poor wittle Sonny's heart was too much for me. Mind your own business!

Good lord, Daniel is the cutest little thing! :wub: What a sweet, mild-mannered little guy.
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