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We agree. My point is that he wouldn't kill her. Not if he "loves" her in his mind. Whether he's delusional, irrational or whatever other label, he wouldn't kill her. Unless he's a necrophiliac.

NS lack remorse and empathy. In other words, Starvos felt nothing for Dante, Luke, and Laura when he took Lulu. When confronted, it was all about what he wanted, not their feelings. In Starvos had any remorse or empathy, he would have never taken Lulu. Starvos as at true NS has illusions of grandeur.
And I love that last line about him. Too bad the character can't stick around. Villains like that are fun to watch.
There's only two villians that scare the hell out of me, but I can watch them all day--Starvros Cassadine(RKK) & Stephano Dimera(JM)
They're crazy as hell, but they always keep me interested. I also wish Starvros was in the Dante/Lulu/Laura/Luke storyline. IMO he
was killed off too soon.
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