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- Jennifer sinks into a dark frame of mind after J.J. returns and accuses her of using Jack before he died to hurt him for choosing work as a priority in his life during their marriage. Jennifer soon starts hearing voices and believes that Jack is haunting her. Soon she starts seeing things and falls apart when she realizes that she blames herself for Jack's death and has been using Daniel as a means to escape her grief. Jennifer breaks up with Daniel for good and is driven mad after being confronted by who she believes is Jack's ghost. It's a man who says he's someone else entirely, but looks exactly like Jack. Out of concern for her mother, Abby decides to find the man who's been "haunting" her mother into madness. Abby is stunned to see the man, who is her fathers mirror image. He gives a different name and orders the Deverauxs to stay away from him. It's revealed that it is Jack and Steve has been searching for him for months, lying to Kayla about his reasons for his absences which made their marriage fall apart. Jack tells Steve that he doesn't want to remember his old life. A wife who moved on so quickly and is in love with someone else. Steve finds it difficult to encourage Jack to tell his family the truth when he hasn't done the same himself. Steve and Jack both settle in Salem and Steve helps Jack cover up who he is. Jack wants a new life in Salem with a new love. His quest is haunted by memories of Jennifer and how much he loves her. Steve experiences the same feelings and is stunned to learn that Kayla and Joey are in Salem too. He decides to fight to win Kayla back. He also lets Kayla know that they are still married. He refused to legalize the divorce with their lawyer. Kayla fights mixed feelings about forgiving Steve. Jennifer continues to fight her demons and Jack struggles with learning about who he is and if he wants Jennifer or not.
- Sami is floored to find EJ in bed with Nicole and breaks up with him once and for all. She runs into Lucus who tells her that he's met a new woman, Emily and they are getting married. He confesses that he wants a family and marriage again. Sami's heart is broken upon realizing that is all she's ever wanted too and ran from it, ruining it, over and over. Lucus wishes her luck and leaves to meet Emily leaving Sami to think about the past. Sami is repeatedly heart broken by watching Lucus with Emily. It is EJ who points out her feelings to her, explaining it's the real reason why they've repeatedly failed together as a couple. They have both loved others all along.
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