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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

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Apr 18 2013, 08:23 AM
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Apr 17 2013, 08:49 PM
Apr 17 2013, 06:02 PM
Apr 17 2013, 05:55 PM
To each their own, but Ejami is revolting to me. To even try and suggest that EJ has treated her/treats her better than Lucas or Rafe is difficult for me to swallow given the vile things he has done to her and her loved ones. Him walking around and trying to channel Hugh Grant isn't going to change that. Ejami could have all the chemistry in the world and I still could never climb on board that ship.

But, as far as I'm concerned, Ejami pales in comparison in every way to Lumi. I was thinking today of the wonderful scenes where Sami tells Lucas about the rape. So much more powerful and so much more depth and connection than this incredibly forced shit between Ejami the last few months.

I miss these two together so much.

The reason why EJami are together is one reason: they have a HUGE fanbase that dwarfs EJ's other pairings and Sami's other pairings. Otherwise, they wouldn't be written as a rooting couple. God knows, they tried out other stuff.
They aren't a rooting couple. A rooting couple has other characters on the show rooting for them. We have everyone under sun rooting for Dannifer even people who were once trying to destory them have been won over by their love. Who on this show has rooted for Ejami lately? And on this show if you have other characters saying that a couple won't survie then they won't.
I just wanted to add that under MarDar, Ejami were written as a rooting couple, for a short period of time. We had Kate telling Lucas that EJ was Sami's son and Lucas telling Sami that she was in love with EJ and Rafe telling Sami that whatever it was between her and EJ it would never be over. And then we they finally decide to go LSB with them, they aren't written as a a rooting couple. The other day, with Caroline and EJ, they could have so easily had Caroline say she saw how much EJ loves Sami so she was willing to give him a chance, but they chose otherwise. And Ejami didn't have to run into Lucas right after the proposal, but they did. I think Tomlin sort of leaves it up in the air where he's going with Ejami and he doesn't do that with Dannifer. I meant to say Kate said EJ was Sami's sun lol.
I'm thrilled that EJami are not being written in what you describe as a 'rooting couple' sort of way. I've had my fill and then some of being water boarded with just how much I'm supposed to be rooting for Dannifer, thank you very much. And even under MarDar we had Bradison and the adorkable segways. *shudder* So yeah...I'll pass on any of that.

A huge part of the appeal with EJami (for me) is the fact that they don't have everyone and their mother/brother/cousin singing their praises and hailing them to the masses. I didn't like the sound of it when they initially talked about keeping their relationship quiet after they reunited because I love that they just don't really give a shit what anyone else thinks. THAT is what I needed to see to know that Sami is all in this time - she's not hiding from anyone, including herself.

And as far as the proposal goes - as huge an EJami fan as I've always been - I was stunned at how moved I was by it. It's not like this was the first rodeo and even though I loved much of the fishing hat, 2010 proposal this one was just so well done. AS really sold me on Sami's hesitancy due to her own insecurities. I loved the way JS played his reaction to that - completely caught off guard that she didn't honestly understand that she hung the moon as far as he's concerned. I loved the line where EJ sincerely asks her is he's honestly been such a failure at conveying his feelings for her. :wub: I was a goopy mess watching it last night and it was hours after I'd read the play by play and had a solid idea of what to expect. It was great. And I absolutely LOVED their pillow talk about their first meeting...so sexy, funny and sweet at the same time. GAH!!! I love these two!!! :$

Admittedly I was so overwhelmed by the EJami stuff that I didn't give anything else any thought or attention whatsoever...so I'll have to go back and rewatch the whole show to see what I was too overcome to take in.
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