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Apr 18 2013, 09:31 AM
Well, it should come as no shock to anyone here that I loved the Ejami proposal yesterday.

It only saddens my heart that it could've been even better if Salmons or the Cullitons had wrote it, but Janet did some decent work & AS actually emoted some real tears & JS was well, just JS so it was all good.

I see the role of c*ckblocker is now being played by Lucas. Me thinks he does protest too much. I'm thinking its not Rafe who isn't over Sami, but him. Either way, I can laugh at Lucas' jabs, he doesn't come off near as douchey as Rafe.

Ole crazy eyes was back in the house today looking crazier than ever.

Did anyone else notice Gabi's ears?? My lord, she was giving Dumbo a run for his money.

Me no likey whimpy Marlena. My gawd woman, you wrecked havoc on a whole town. Go take care of business & quit wiping your tears with THOSE DAMN BLUE GLOVES!!

Can I just get a HALLELUJAH that Fetch was no where in sight yesterday??
Hallelujah for NO FETCH yesterday!

Today is supposed to be a WilSon day!
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