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Right now Ejami is in their honeymoon phase, and apparently Marlena can only focus on actively trying to destroy one relationship at a time and Ejami has been on the backburner, but they've laid the groundwork for the FL angle by having nearly all of Sami's relatives disapprove, Lucas threaten to take Allie, etc. Those things will probably come into play later on.
You need to start watching so you can form real arguments.
Watching doesn't seem to help you. ;)

I don't think either of those things sound like groundwork for anything. But I've never thought ejami worked from a forbidden angle. They're too old for that anyway (as are bristen). Twice in seven years it has briefly seemed like that was the angle they were going to take but it never really went anywhere. I certainly don't think it's there now since they have no conflict at all. Obviously that could change and probably will soon. At this point, and I suspect as long as TomSell is writing, they're just another generic soap couple. They're obviously never going to get the kind of story that I would like for them anyway so eh.

If anything interesting ever happens again, I'll watch again. Doesn't seem like it will be any time in the next few weeks, though.
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