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With April 18 being the first episode taped in 2013, the credits have noted the changes due to the layoffs in Burbank that happened at the end of 2012. Four main areas were affected. "Days" now has new technical directors, boom operators and senior video. Technical directors/cameramen Mike Caruso and J.C. O'Neill, who both joined the show in the early 1980's have left "Days" after over 30 years of service. Caruso and O'Neill both were six-time Daytime Emmy nominees during their time at "Days." Boom operators Jackie Frazier (four-time Emmy nominee), who joined the show in 1993, and Harry Young (two-time Emmy nominee), who joined the show in 2000 have also been replaced. Frazier, an aspiring writer, also got the chance to write a few episodes for "Days" from 2001-2003. The Senior Video, Alexis Dellar Hanson (three-time Emmy nominee), who first worked at "Days" in 2000, has also been replaced. Also, the trio of Digital Systems Maintenance crew, Michael Vick, Chris Robertson and Byron Stultz are no longer listed in the credits. Thanks to all of their service at "Days" and the best of luck to all of them in the future.

The new technical director is Chuck Abate (a second new technical director will probably be listed in the credits tomorrow). The new boom operators are Anthony Inglese and Stu Rudolf. The new senior video is Michelle Montgomery. Finally, "Days" has added this new credit at the end of the credits: "Produced at The Burbank Studios, A Worthe Real Estate Group Property."

Mike Caruso
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J.C. O'Neill
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Harry Young
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Jackie Frazier
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