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just joey

Apr 17 2013, 03:35 PM
NE Spoilers week of April 29th

Caroline recruits a bevy of sexy men for her plan to win Rick back

Eric finds himself in the middle of one of Brooke and Taylor's disputes

Donna is forced to defend her family from a bitter rival

Brooke's life takes a dramatic turn

credit: jcren
Give me a FKN break. :yawnz: :flipoff: DONNA is " NOT " FORCED to defend her " SO called family ( Namely Brooke ). DONNA knows what a FKN whore her sister Brooke is. SO why defend her. ? Thats the whole problem why Brooke never pays any consequences due to her behavior. Everyone coddles her. POOR POOR misunderstood , Homewreccker Brooke. Her real passion is screwin MARRIED MEN. IS NAIVE DONNA & KATIE , going to " DEFEND " Brooke, when they find out about the affair :sex: :sex: :sex: ?
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