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just joey

Apr 17 2013, 08:16 PM
Brooke's life takes a dramatic turn
Oh snap! Is she knock up already? Is that the dramatic turn? maybe she has VD.

Last week when the light bulb came on in Donna's head, I thought to myself that the girl is getting smarter. But here she is again, dumb as a door knob again. She is probably defending Brooke, saying she had a right to sleep with Bill.

Really, Caroline is getting more and more silly by the minute. Maybe she had some brain damage when she fell off the balcony. Please someone tell the girl to do the happy dance, because she dodge the Slick-Rick bullet.
I want to see HERCULES hunt Caroline down. N O T to hurt her, but because he fell " IN LOVE " with her, & she really turned him on. I hope that Brooke is " KNOCKED UP ". I hope that is what Brookes life , taking a dramatic turn is. That would be about right. The end of april ,into the first week of MAY. That's enough time for her to get " MORNING SICKNESS". :roflol: :roflol: :roflol: That & the LT. hounding her again , about the accident. He could tell Brooke that he has found some NEW evidence, to put her & someone else at the scene :scared: :scared: . I definately want her to get pregnant, by BILL. And the LT. on her ass . BOY will she ever have some splainin to do. :shithitfan: :shithitfan:
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