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If I were the writer, and knew my job was to torture most of the fans, as opposed to entertaining them, there would be the next beat of the Daniel-Jennifer saga.

With Chloe out of the picture, Philip returns to Salem, sets Daniel up as an alcoholic through drugging and forcing him to chug tequila shots, smashing the glasses and leaving them in the Horton kitchen. He plots to kidnap Parker to make Daniel appear to be a bad father and convince Chloe, who's about to leave her own treatment, to petition for full custody.

Philip puts his next plan into motion: manipulate Chloe into marrying him so that he can be closer to Parker. Philip grows obsessed with Parker until an unlikely source stumbles upon this obsession and tells Jennifer. Of course, Jennifer loves him through it. And the pair make love constantly to get over losing Parker. Most scenes of the show take place in the Horton house.


It's a race against time as Jennifer, Daniel and the unlikely source (Kate) board a plane to save Parker from Evil Philip. Maggie finds out and schemes her way into a plane ticket, but she's flying undercover, in COACH!
Will they get there in time to bust up Chloe and Philip's wedding?
Or will the couple already be on their honeymoon and Kate, Jennifer and Daniel have to travel as a trio to Hawaii to track down the newlyweds?
And will the trio spot Maggie and uncover her latest scheme to butt into people's lives?

Stay tuned!
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