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S loves EJ

Apr 17 2013, 09:50 PM
I know the show wants us all to believe that no man has ever loved the 'real Sami' but Ej.....come again show? You know I saw a man that hated Sami with a passion but STILL did good things on occasion to benefit HER during those hateful filled years and that was Lucas, in contrast I saw Ej try to derail Sami's happiness at every given turn for all those years and with some pretty disgusting, hurtful and vile ways too. With Lucas, I saw a man that hated the fact that he lost his friend to the hate and tried to find some kind of common ground with this woman who would constantly try to fuck him over and take him out of his child's life. With Ej, I saw Sami do absolutely nothing to him and I saw him try to create stress at every turn with her.....what kind of man would love a woman and try to make her purposely think that he was injecting a solution into her veins that could potentially harm her unborn children. With Lucas, I saw a man that hated himself for keeping quiet after he found out about what his mother had done to Sami, to a point that he was constantly drunk. I saw a man that hated himself for poisoning Sami and later gave her mouth to mouth because he 'didn't want to lose her' (his words). With Lucas I saw a man that helped Sami live right after their helicopter crashed and she had just refused to sign joint custody paperwork for their son. Before all the hate I saw a man that did nothing but back Sami's crazy stupid schemes and sure he had something to gain from them but he still stood by her while everyone in Salem hated her for what she did, it wasn't until she betrayed him and lied about him abusing Will that the tables were turned. After they fell in love I saw a man that did NOTHING to hurt Sami, AT ALL.....he loved her and was there for her and sure they had their ups and downs mainly based on their trust issues but I didn't see him do half of the very vile things that Ej has done to Sami. I believe the ONLY man to truly accept Sami knowing exactly who she is and love her unconditionally is Lucas.....and no I don't believe for a second that you just go sit back and 'accept' all the shit she does and that just proves your love for her.....mainly because the true version of Sami hates herself when she's behaving that way, she's miserable, she's said it many times and the true love of Sami's life would never want her to hurt that way and she became a better person through Lucas' love.....simple as that.....he'd also stop all the shit he does to her, Lucas ended it but Ej kept going for years.......and maybe that is the story they are trying to tell now with Ejami...but I will never be convinced that a man that has done everything he's done to Sami loves her and has always loved her....that's just BS.....and someone said up thread that Sami has forgiven Lucas for death row and that is why she doesn't mention it...that's not true...she mentions it...she mentioned it when she was trying to defend her stance on helping Ej prove his innocence last summer and she told Lucas she knew what it was like being framed and almost dying as a result....so she's said it.....and that's what I need on my soap...not swept under the rug, whitewashed bullshit, I want dialogue, I want dealing with it...I want them to come to grips with how badly what they've done to one another hurt them and those they love. Sorry but I can never accept this Sami that just says that she hasn't had any man to ever love her for who she is.....and look in the eyes of a man that has done so much harm to her and her family and just say yes as if she's just won the lottery. Sami had rootable qualities once upon a time but not any longer....she's so far gone she might as well be six feet under....

Sami's insecurities stem from her OWN issues, no man has made her insecure more than whatever she does to herself.....

Iīm an Ejami fan but I have liked Lumi a little bit too, but I think Iīm to big of an Ejami to be interested in Lumi fan at this point. Anyway I donīt remember the helicopter crash or how Lumi treated each other then, but I remember when I started watching the show around the time when Willīs real paternity was revealed that Lumi hated each other and I canīt remember any love between them until they started pairing them, and at first I didnīt think it made any sense because all I had seen between them was hate and arguing over Will, but then I took it as itīs a soap and anything can happen in a soap plus I prefered Lumi as lovers over enemies. Still just because they have mentioned the death row storyline doesnīt mean that they have dealt with it. I donīt think a woman in real life would forgive a man for almost having a executed anymore than she would forgive a man for raping her. One of the fiew scenes that have made me cry on the show was when Sami was about to die. I also believe Lucas was responsible for Sami almost gotten pushed over a cliff with some Will doll but I canīt remember exactly, anyway if Ejami is made of WTFery so is Lumi, even if I can see how Ejamiīs history is even worse than Lumiīs their history is pretty bad too.

As for EJ being the only one that loved the real Sami I have only seen EJ loving Samiīs bad side obviously not when she has done bad things to him, but he gets turned on when she does bad things to others which was showned when they discussed Nick in bed. Lucas and Rafe only seems to critize her when she does something bad, but I believe they love the good side of Sami. I think the real Sami should accept and love the bad side of her that is was makes her character interesting good Sami is boring. She just feels like she needs her family approval but they should accept her for who she is she isnīt Carrie the goody to shoe daughter. Now I can see how EJ hasnīt always been writhen to love Sami but that is just bad writhing if the writhers didnīt wanted to writhe for Ejami because of the rape controversy they should just have stayed away from Ejami they didnīt need to add to their bad history they could have just concentrated on trying to make Ejole. Iīm not sure if that would have worked either since Iīm not sure if Ejole have enough chemistry to make it work but delibrate trying to destroy Ejami that has a big fan base is just stupid writhing. I saw you saying itīs stupid putting all eggs in one basket with Ejami now but that is what they were doing with Safe before. They should try to destroy any pairing in case they want to go back to it later in case the actor decides to leave or for an other reason. I can understad the Lumi fans being pissed they have treated them badly and for Lucas not getting a story they should treat all actors and pairing equal, all fan bases should get their turn. Anyway even if EJ hasnīt always been writhen to love Sami he has always has very strong feelings for her and itīs a thin line between love and hate when it comes to Ejami which was showned with the griefsex. EJ cares for Nicole but I havenīt seem him having as strong feelings for her as he has for Samantha. When he gets angry with Sami he gets really angry because it hurt him so much more when Sami betrays him than Nicole like when she lied about Grace, but when he loves Sami he loves her with a passion while he looks a bit bored around Nicole, still likes Ejole though but not nearly as much as Ejami since I like EJ in just about any scene.

As for wednesdayīs episode I loved EJīs proposal to Sami it was perfect, very romantic.
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