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Director: Albert Alarr
Scriptwriter: David Cherrill

Segment 1: Repeat of Kristen flinging the mansion door open to leave and finding Brady there.

Brian, T, Chad, Will and Sonny all come into the pub talking about their basketball game. Will is going to get them something to drink. Brian offers to help him carry. Chad notices Cameron outside and goes out to talk to him. T tells Sonny all this laughing and energy was good for Will. Sonny - That's the guy I fell in love with. Will orders 2 pitchers of unsweetened iced tea. Brian asks when his baby is due. Will - Soon. Brain - My guess is Sonny's not going to be too thrilled about that. Will - You know what Brian I cut you a lot of slack with all the crap you pulled when Sonny and I were having a rough patch but you have hit your limit man.

Ciara is sitting at a table in the coffeehouse drawing a picture. Abigail comes in. Hope greets her and asks if everything's okay. Abby - Yes. No, I mean, I hope so. I'm looking for someone. She leaves before Hope can ask who.

Chad - I'm just asking. Cam - If I came to the pub for coffee so I wouldn't have to see you at your place? Chad - Didn't work though, did it? Come on, let's talk. We're family. We shouldn't be cutting each other out like this. Cam is going to get coffee. Chad - Wait, there's something you should know about Mrs. Brady ... Caroline walks up. When she sees Cameron she says - I recognise you.

Vic notices that Kristen left her scarf behind. Maggie comes into the living room and asks Vic where that came from, it's gorgeous. Vic - When Brady came over to go over the art proposals he brought his one true love along to help. Maggie - And things went south from there? Vic - Not exactly. What I thought was going to be a pleasant one on one time with my grandson turned out ... aw to hell with it! I've decided he could make all the decisions himself with or without that bitch. When he left he put all the proposals in his briefcase. He probably picked out the ones he wants already.

Kristen - You're back. I can explain everything. I promise you I can explain it all. Brady - Let me catch the breath. He walks into the living room. Where the hell is it, huh? Kristen - What are you talking about? Brady - My Ferrari. It was parked in the driveway when I left now it's gone. I thought this place had security. Kristen - My father had your car towed to the motorcourt in the back. Brady - Why the hell would he do something like that? Kristen - Where you parked, he considers that his spot. I know it seems crazy. I'm sorry. So seriously, that's what you're upset about? Brady - Yeah. Why? Is there something else? Kristen - No, it's just you were kind of over the top about your car. Brady - There is something going on because you said let me explain everything. What were you talking about? Kristen stares at his briefcase.

T - Will's been kind of quiet lately; like he's been down about something. Is he freaked out about the baby? Sonny - No. He's just ... he's going through a lot right now. I'm glad you bugged him to get out and do something. It's important for him to stay active. T - That's what friends are for although I wasn't too good at the friendship thing for a while. Brian - What's with the attitude, Will, I just made a comment. Will - I know you're Sonny's friend ... Brian - I was kind of hoping I was your friend too. Will - Really. Does a friend try to convince me that he slept with my boyfriend? Brian - Hey, you jumped to conclusions all by yourself. Will - No, no. You worded things to make sure I'd jump. And btw I'm more than aware of you doing your little thing around him all the time. Every chance you get you hang out an available sign. You're a bright guy and everyone knows that. I don't understand why you're so clueless. Brian - Clueless about what? Will - Sonny and I are together. Sonny is mine so if you want to go ahead and take a shot, try your luck. Go ahead man.

Hope brings Ciara some juice. John comes in and greets them both. John just came in for some coffee. Hope - I'm really glad we ran into each other. We need to talk about Marlena and Kristen.

Segment 2: Chad - Cameron works with Kayla down at the hospital. That's probably where you've seen him before. He's Lexie's brother. This is Dr. Cameron Davis. Caroline - Celeste Perrault's son. Cam - Right. Caroline - You know you took over a shift for me when I was away and I never got to thank you. Cam - I enjoyed doing it Mrs. Brady. Caroline - You must be wanting some coffee and you're in a hurry. I'll get you some. When she goes inside Chad tells Cam - I tried telling you she was at the club last night. Cam - What! No way! Why would she even show up there? Chad - I don't know. She was out and about with another Alzheimer's patient; probably part of their therapy or something. Cam - They don't take Alzheimer's patients to strip clubs for therapy. Chad - You're probably right. You're in luck though; she probably won't remember any of this. But listen, we need to talk about Abigail. Cam - No we don't. Chad - She was just trying to help you. Cam - I'm not going to talk about Abigail with you ... clear! Chad - Okay. I'll come find you later, maybe we can hang out. Cam - I'll be busy. Chad - Whatever. He goes back into the pub just as Caroline comes out with Cam's coffee. I just have to tell you I enjoyed your act so much. Oh my, you took your shirt off ... you got me. Your act is hot! Smokin' hot. Cameron - OOOOOOOOOOOkay.

Maggie - I'm sorry your time with Brady got spoiled. Vic - That woman spoils everything she comes near. It made me sick the way she had him eating out of her hand. Maggie - You didn't get into a fight, did you? Vic - No. I bit my tongue, she put on her phony smile; it was all peaches and cream. When Brady stepped out to take a phone call she made sure I got the message. Maggie - What message? Vic - She pointed out that John and Marlena are no longer in Brady's life and that could happen to anyone. Maggie - So then it was a threat? Vic - Definitely. The thing I have going on my side is she doesn't know where I stand. I think she's hoping that old grandpa is going to buy her bull. Maggie - And I'm sure you will when pigs fly. Vic - I just wish the guy who had information on her would call back and I could get something to use against her. Maggie - Let's not go through this again.

Back at the coffeehouse we see Sy's envelope beside Ciara's things. Hope - You and I are friends right. We've always been honest with each other. John - Absolutely. You know what Hope, it's better that we don't discuss what's going on with Doc and me. Hope - You've been treating her terribly, horribly. I'm sorry. That's the way I see it because it's the truth. Is Marlena perfect? No. Has she made mistakes? Absolutely. But God knows John, haven't we all? Are you really going to throw away your marriage because of this Brady Kristen business? John - I'm not sure it's as simple as you're trying ... Hope - You need to find your way back to Marlena by whatever means possible. I mean it. You two need to come together, stay together, stand together, side by side ... a united front otherwise you will lose Brady forever.

Kristen - It's nothing. I just ... I thought maybe you ran into your father on your way back to the house. Brady - Why would he be here? Kristen - I don't know. Maybe he wanted to make peace? He came by. I listened for as long as I could and then I told him he had to go. Brady - Maybe he thought he'd run into me; get another shot at turning me around. Kristen - Actually he came by to see me. He wanted to give me something. He said it would remind me of our past. Brady - Like what. Kristen shows him the baseball jersey.

Segment 3: Abby is rushing through the square. She stops and starts talking to herself. What am I doing? What would I even say to him? Hi Cameron, I dropped by to say how sorry I am I have such a big mouth. That would never work. He would be more mad at me than he was last night. She pulls out her phone. Okay Chad, we are a team like it or not.

Caroline tells Cameron - Don't worry. My lips are sealed. You're safe okay. You have a good day ... she chuckles. Inside Chad gets Abby's message. He tells the guys he has to get going. Sonny tells him they'll be here for a while if he wants to come back. Chad will see them soon. T and Will decide to order some fries. Sonny looks at Brian's expression ... What? Brian - Your boyfriend thinks I'm always flirting with you. What do you think? T - You know why we won that game today right? It wasn't because Chad was sitting by the hoop and dunking. Will - He must have scored 20 points. T - You and I did all the work; we're scrappy and that shot you took at the end was awesome. Will - Thank you. You set me up with that pass ... T - We were in the zone today. Will agrees. T - I hope it doesn't change. Will - Yeah, with the baby, you mean. T - Are you freaked out yet? Having a baby ... not because of the whole gay thing or Gabi thing ... it's having a baby. Thinking about it freaks me out. I mean, it's huge! I mean it's tiny, but it's huge!

Vic - Maggie, the man could have some useful information. Maggie - We have talked about this. It's much more likely that he's some kind of a huckster trying to punk you for money. You said yourself Kristen could be behind it trying to make you look bad in front of Brady. Vic - I know what I thought but my gut's telling me a different story so if he calls again ... His phone rings once. Maggie - False alarm. Vic - I can't help wondering why the guy stopped calling. Henderson comes in. Excuse me ma'am, you're son Dr. Jonas is on the line. Maggie takes the call. Vic picks up the scarf. One of these days you're going to slip up and fall. When you do, it's going to be hard. Let's hope it's not near Brady.

Brady - This is a random, silly ... Kristen - Maybe John was going through his closets and thought I needed an old sweater. Brady - What did he say about this - he holds up the shirt. Kristen - I opened it after he left so he didn't say anything. Brady - He's tried to bribe me with presents before. Kristen - That was nice though because it reminded you of your mom. Brady - Maybe he's trying to do the same thing with you. Kristen - It didn't work the first time, it's not going to work the second. Brady has to go check on his car. If he scratched that thing ... As soon as he's gone Kristen rifles through Brady's briefcase looking for that envelope.

Segment 4: Sonny - Will and I love each other which means we trust each other. Brian - You guys weren't always so solid. Sonny - I know and it was my fault for sending you mixed signals and I'm sorry but that's why I've been cutting you slack lately but there's a limit. Brian - Cutting me slack! Sonny - For months I've been ignoring your innuendos, your looks, your secret smiles. I thought eventually you'd get the message when I didn't respond but you haven't, so here it is. Stop. Will and I are together, we love each other and if you want to continue to be friends you're going to have to let it go. Is that clear? Brian - It's clear. Will - I hear what you're saying but I'm excited, I'm not freaked out. There's going to be a real live person that I helped make ... it's crazy. T - It's the miracle of life. I'm sorry. Will - It's okay. I guess you can't understand it until you have a kid yourself but that's exactly what a baby is ... it's a miracle.

As soon as Chad arrives at the square Abby tells him they have to do something right now. Chad - Slow down. I'm assuming this is about Cameron. Abby - Yes. Chad - Relax. I just saw the guy. He's a little cranky but fine. He's not talking to me but he's fine. Abby - He could lose his job and it could all be because of me. Honestly, how stupid does one person have to be. I should have known he wasn't doing anything illegal. Chad - We did see him carrying that gun. Abby - A fake gun for his act and then I blabbed away about it to you and Anne Millbauer was listening to me. Chad - Listening to us; this isn't all on you. Abby - She still went to the strip club to find him and to catch him. Chad - She didn't but I guess the question is, is she going to get the guy fired or not?

Anne walks up to Cam at the nurse's station and tells him they need to have a very serious talk.

Maggie returns. Vic asks how Daniel is doing. Maggie - He sounded okay, a little cryptic. He wants to see me. He sounded upbeat. Vic - That's a good sign. Chloe Lane being gone is an even better sign. Maggie - I have to stop by Chez Rouge to pick up some stuff from my office. Why don't I take Kristen's scarf and drop it off at the DiMera house. That way you don't have to suffer another visit from her. She leaves.

John - I know you care Hope and I appreciate what you said, I really do. Hope - But you're not going to take any advice from me. John - I'm going to handle this my way. Hope - This? John - Yeah. Brady, Kristen, Marlena, the whole mess. Hope - Kristen's a DiMera John. She tried to kill Marlena and in doing so, destroy you. What's going on with you? I know you. Why are you holding back? You know Kristen's a threat. She has her tentacles wrapped around your son and she's dragging him down. Don't you care? John - I love my son and I will do anything for him. Anything.

Brady returns - Stefano's lucky, no scratches. He notices that she's going through his briefcase. What are you doing? Kristen - I was just curious about those art proposals that you and Victor were going through. Did you chose one? Brady - No, I only checked out of few. Granddad's not involved anymore. Actually I really like this one. Tell me what you think. Kristen - It is cool. I love that. Brady - I like this one too. Kristen - Is this all of them? Brady counts them - That's weird. There's only 9 envelopes here. There's supposed to be 10. I know the one that's missing too. I was ready to open it ... I don't know where it is. I'm going to call Henderson ... Kristen - I can swing by there. I left my scarf there earlier and I wanted to wear it tonight. Brady - Okay. Just ask Henderson if he seen it. You can also check the table where we had the envelopes. Kristen - If it's there I'm going to find it.

Segment 5: T, Brian, Will and Sonny are talking about a Maroon 5 / Avril Lavigne concert in Chicago. Sonny - And Adam Levine said some people from The Voice might be there. Brian - Sounds awesome. Maybe I'll try and find a date and join you guys. T - I might be able to help you out with that. You remember Audrey right ... Brian - You've mentioned her before. T - She's got a brother who's into dudes. Brian - What does he look like? T - I don't know. He's Audrey's brother and he's into dudes ... what more do you need? Brian - Okay, try and set it up. I've got to jet. See you guys. T - Brian, can I get a ride home. My car is in the shop. Will - You don't have a car. T - Yes I do. It's in the shop being made. They leave. Will - Brian is not going to like Audrey's brother. Sonny - Why not? Will - He looks nothing like his sister. Sonny comments that it's nice seeing Will this happy. Will - You know why I'm so happy. I'm with you. They kiss. Caroline watches.

Chad tells Abby to stop pacing. You're stressing me out. Abby - I can't. Chad - I keep telling you Anne Millbauer was passed out drunk before Cameron went on the stage. Abby - I know but she still knew that Cameron was there. I've seen that woman do her number on people before. She does not let go, no matter what. For all we know she could be at the hospital firing Cameron right now.

Cam is about to do rounds. Anne - It won't take long. Cam - What's up? Anne - We need to discuss a resignation.

Henderson lets Kristen in. She gushes about how efficient he is. If our man Harold was half as good as you are we'd be very lucky. Vic pipes up - You're wasting your time. If I were you I'd get myself home to Brady. Kristen - Why? Vic - Because he has what you're looking for. Maggie dropped it off at that mausoleum Stefano calls a house and gave it to him. Brady probably has it in his hands as we speak. Kristen - Are you positive about this? Vic - Of course I am. Maggie thought you'd want it back. Kristen - Want it back. What are you talking about? Vic - Your damn scarf woman, what are you talking about. Kristen laughs. I'm talking about the art proposals Victor. Vic - Brady stuffed those in his briefcase when he left. Kristen - When I was here earlier with Brady I was hoping that maybe we could put our differences aside; start a new relationship that we can build on. That's still my hope.

Maggie knocks on the living room door when she see Brady working. Brady greets her with a hug. Maggie came to drop this scarf for Kristen. I'm sure she's looking for it. Brady - She was. Thank you for doing this. Maggie - So how do you like your new digs. How's it working out? Stefano keeping his distance? Brady - On and off. It's been good. Everything is fine. Maggie - I'm glad to hear it. I'm also glad that you and Victor are inching forward. Brady - We're trying. It all depends on how he's willing to treat Kristen. I know it's hard for some people but she's not the woman she was years ago; it's that simple. Maggie notices the baseball jersey. She picks it up. She's definitely not the woman who once wore this.

Segment 6: Will tells Sonny he had fun today. I feel it's been such a long time since I've seen you this relaxed. You've been under so much pressure lately. Will - Me, what about you. You've had to fight with Nick. You agreed to help me out with the baby. Sonny - Arianna Grace is going to have an amazing life and we're going to help make it happen no matter what. Will - Thank you. It sounds like you really thought this through. Sonny - I did. I want you in my life Will. I want you to be happy. They kiss again. Caroline walks up - There will be no public displays of affection in this pub, understood?

Brady - You recognise that jersey? Maggie - I remember it. Team Moose Little League. It was a long time ago. Brady - You were involved? Maggie - You bet. I coached them with your father and Kristen. We were on a winning streak. We had such a terrible bunch of boys. They were so talented. Giving jerseys to everyone ... wow ... it was a terrific day. Brady - Seems like it was just yesterday to you. Maggie - Sometimes it seems that way. Somethings you just never forget.

Hope - I'm sure you'd do anything for Brady. John - Yeah. Hope - But what are you going to do to get Kristen out of his life. John, please tell me you have a plan. What are you going to do? John recalls going to see Kristen with his gift. He looks at Hope - Maybe there is nothing I can do. Hope - I don't believe that; neither do you. You're John Black. You never give up. John - Maybe that guy's gone. See you around. He leaves.

Kristen - Well we used to get along once, remember? Vic - That was a lifetime ago. As I told you this morning I'm just not sure about you. And nothing has happened since then to change my mind. Kristen - Maybe you can keep an open mind. That's all I can really ask for. Vic - You can ask for anything you like; Brady will always say yes. Other people, not so much. Kristen - Could I get a glass of water maybe. Vic will see to it that she gets some. As soon as he's gone she starts searching for the envelope. Henderson comes in and asks if she's looking for something in particular. She is. It's really important that I find it. The camera pans to the envelope which is underneath Ciara's knapsack in the coffeehouse.

Segment 7: Will removes his arm from around Sonny's shoulder. I'm sorry. He was just saying such sweet things. Caroline starts laughing. I'm kidding! If I got upset every time couples kissed in this pub I'd be out of business a long time ago. Sonny asks her if she wants to join them. Caroline - I just came over to say how nice it is to see you both so happy. Sonny - Thank you. We're very happy. Caroline - I've been around a lot of years, things change. I think it's about time everybody can be who they are, wherever they are, right? She walks away. Sonny - Wow, what a great lady. You're very lucky to have her. Will - Yes, I know.

Abby - I got it. That club in Chicago would never give out a dancer's real name, right? Chad - Probably not. Abby - So all we have to do is get Anne to think Cameron was one of the bartenders; that's why he was there. Chad - I don't know how you just slip that in the conversation especially when you're dealing with a conniving bitch like Anne. Abby - Thank you for your overwhelming positivity! Chad - Okay, maybe it will work. Sure beats seeing Cameron get fired.

Cam - A resignation? Anne - A nurse, Georgeanne Franklin, 3rd floor Pediatrics. Cam - I know her. Anne - She's moving to Florida and needs a letter of recommendation. Would you mind? Cam - I'm still pretty new here but I do know Nurse Franklin and I think she's pretty terrific. I'll have it to you by tomorrow. Anne - I really appreciate it. You can use this form here. I really appreciate it. Thank you for not holding it against me ... what I said to Abigail Devereaux that day. I was way out of line. I'm sorry about that. Have a great day.

Brady - So you, Dad and Kristen were coaching ... what was the name? Maggie - Team Moose. Brady - And one day everybody got a jersey like that. Maggie - Yeah. Brady - Is this a good memory because I'm getting mixed signals here. Maggie - Like I said, it was a good day. We were winning and a lot of people were rooting for us. Brady - But? Maggie - I guess the reason I'm a little conflicted about all this is ... that was also the day I realised that John had very real, very deep feelings for Kristen.

John is in the park. He pulls out the picture Kristen gave him.

Kristen tells Henderson that Brady may have dropped or misplaced one of the art proposals. I'm just going to look around. Henderson - You can look but I distinctly remembering Mr. Black putting the envelopes into his briefcase. He leaves. Cue flashback of Brady realising an envelope is missing. Kristen - OMG, it was in his hand. Who the hell has it now?

Ciara picks up the envelope and opens it. She pulls out the picture of Kristen paying off Sy.
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