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Jillian really does not have a chance of winning the 100K unless she's up against Talla, or maybe even Gary. She has dominated the game, and backstabbed most of the jury at any chance she got, but that will not make anyone respect her or her game play. Big Brother is about deceit, but Jillian deceived in ways that just felt unnecessary at times. She's been doing whatever she can to get at the end, not even considering the ramifications of her actions at the end. Now she's whining "it's not fair!" after Peter explained to her how she alienated and burned bridges with the jury. Well, boo hoo - angry juries are a part of the game and you have to adapt your game, considering that concept.

Andrew has won many competitions, and hasn't alienated the jury members - he has their respect, and can make a case that he fought hard and deserves to win.

Emmett was aligned with Jillian through their showmance, and arguably controlled much of her actions when in power. He was able to get what he wants in the house, without doing a fraction of the damage Jillian has done, and I think the jury will be impressed by that the most. In my opinion, it's really Emmett's game to lose at this point.
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