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13th Anniversary Cast Photo, 1978.

Don't cheat, but try to name as many as you can!!
ok. just off the top of my head...

row 1: Mark Tapscott (Bob Anderson); Margaret Mason (Linda Anderson); Suzanne Roger (Maggie Horton); John Clarke (Mickey Horton); I'm going to guess the little girl in front is either Martha Nix (Janice Barnes) or Melissa (actress name is escaping me); Mac Carey (Tom Horton); Frances Reid (Alice Horton); Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Williams); Natasha Ryan (Hope Williams) in front; Andrea Hall-Lovell (Samantha Evans)
row 2: short dark hair, I'm not sure; don't know either of those kids off the top of my head but I think one may be Jennifer Rose; Jed Allan (Don Craig); Deidre Hall (Marlena Evans); Wesley Eure (Mike Horton); Ed Mallory (Bill Horton); Bill Hayes (Doug Williams); Richard Guthrie (David Banning)
row 3: Francine York (Lorraine Temple); Tracey Bregman (Donna Temple Craig); I'm guessing it's something Stanhope; Fran Ryan (Bill & Laura's housekeeper); Mary Frann (Amanda Howard); Joe Gallison (Neil Curtis); I forget her name (Jeri Clayton); Robert Clary (Robert LeClair); no clue
row 4: Isn't that Don Frabotta?; after that, I'm not sure about any of the back row although the guy next to the black lady looks very familiar
Show-off. ;)
Robert! I loved Robert Clary.
And here are the answers!

Front Row: Mark Tapscott (Bob), Margaret Mason (Linda), Suzanne Rogers (Maggie), Martha Nix (Janice), John Clarke (Mickey), Macdonald Carey (Tom), Frances Reid (Alice), Natasha Ryan (Hope), Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie), Andrea Hall (Samantha).

2nd Row: Elaine Princi (Kate), Cindy Fisher (Patti), Stephen Manley (Billy), Jed Allan (Don), Deidre Hall (Marlena), Wesley Eure (Mike), Edward Mallory (Bill), Bill Hayes (Doug), Richard Guthrie (David).

3rd Row: Francine York (Lorraine), Tracey Bregman (Donna), Suzanne Zenor (Margo), Fran Ryan (Rosie), Mary Frann (Amanda), Joseph Gallison (Neil), Kaye Stevens (Jeri), Robert Clary (Robert), Kate Woodville (Marie).

Top Row: Marty Davich (Marty), Michael Dwight Smith (Danny), Rose Fonseca (Valerie), Don Frabotta (Dave), Frederic Downs (Hank), Eileen Barnett (Stephanie), John Lupton (Tommy), Stewart Bradley (Lt. Danton), William H. Bassett (Walter).
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