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Sweet and Salty
Apr 19 2013, 11:09 AM
Apr 19 2013, 01:57 AM
Apr 18 2013, 09:16 PM
What were we supposed to make of Caroline telling Wilson "No PDA!" She played it off like a joke and then made pro-gay comments, but are we supposed to think her Alzheimer's is making her revert to old anti-gay attitudes? I'm confused about what exactly the point of that was.
I'm not happy that it was a joke. There needs to be some drama. Having everyone accept Wilson is not OK and seems artificial even. This isn't the same Caroline praying for the demons to leave Marlena at the penthouse. This Caroline, going to strip clubs and waxing poetic on gay rights, (just as a character, I mean) is not someone recognizable to me.

That. That is the Caroline I remember!! Thank you for validating my opinion on their characterization of her!!
Anytime. The trouble here is that the show's 100 percent gay rights supporting producers want to create a utopia, as opposed to reality. And I'm not mocking or criticizing their real life views, but am concerned that they're translating into destruction of characters. This isn't like Chloe going off the deep end, which is understandable since a hottie like Daniel went for a cold fish like Jennifer over her.
This is dismantling Caroline Brady and turning that rosary-clutching, God fearing woman into someone who says things she would never say. I recall the same thing happened on OLTL and the actress who wouldn't stand for her character becoming Mrs. PFLAG all of a sudden was fired because of it.

Caroline should not be pro-Wilson. She should love Will and not bash the couple, but should not support them, either. And she shouldn't be hated by every character on the show either for doing it. Nor should they to try to change her since Wilson would appreciate the same courtesy of not being changed.

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