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Director: Grant A. Johnson
Scriptwriter: Jeanne Marie Ford

Segment 1: Theo runs up to Uncle Cameron at the nurse's station and gives him a big hug. Abe - We haven't seen you for a while. Where have you been hiding yourself? Cam recalls one of his routines at the strip club and replies "I've been around."

Chad and Abby are sitting ouside the Mandalay Cafe. Chad - Are you sure we aren't wasting our time. Abby - Anne takes her break at the same time every day, comes to the same place and orders the same thing. Chad - Please tell me why we are wasting our time for Cameron when he was a total jerk to us. Abby - Because it's our fault that Anne went to the club in the first place. If she finds out Cam is a stripper he could lose his job at the hospital because of their stupid morality clause. Chad - Well here she is. They get up and walk towards her. Anne - Wow, I'm so glad I ran into you. Abby - You are? Anne - Yeah I think we should discuss what happened at the ... Chad - You can say it Anne, the strip club.

Nicole is stuffing envelopes and grumbling 'So much for lunch.' Vargas walks in. A girl's got to eat. Nicole - I have a granola bar in my purse. It's just that Fr Eric is going to be back tonight and he's going to want all this done. Vargas - Okay, I'll leave you to it then.

Brady - So my Dad saved this jersey all these years and he's not even living at home right now which means he went to a lot of trouble digging it up, didn't he? Maggie - I think I know why.

John is in the park looking at the picture Kristen gave him recalling the moment he gave her the baseball jersey. He smiles and leaves.

Kristen stands in the Kiriakis living room recalling her encounter with Sy when she paid him for the mugging. I've got to find those pictures or this is all over for me.

Ciara opens the envelope and looks at the picture of Kristen paying off Sy. Hope returns to the table and sits down. Hi sweetie, what do you have there? Ciara puts the envelope in her backpack. Nothing, just some stuff I found. Hope - Ciara, you wouldn't be hiding anything from Mommy, would you?

Outside the K mansion Kristen mutters - Kristen, just chill. What the hell do I do now?

Maggie - Remember you told me your father went to Venice and he brought you a plaque from a gondola as a keepsake to remind you of your mother. Brady scoffs - It was a bribe to try to make me believe he was on my side. Maggie - He is on your side. Brady - Don't. Maggie - What I was saying is maybe that's what he's doing with Kristen. Brady - What does that mean? Maggie - Trying to remind her of a time when things were more amiable between them. Brady - That's one way of putting it. Maggie - You have every right to be angry but if you're father is trying to make amends ... Brady - Thank you for bringing Kristen's scarf. I'm sure she'll appreciate having it back. Maggie - Call me if you need anything. He will. Maggie leaves. Brady gets a call from Kristen. She asks him what's wrong.

Segment 2: Nicole stacks one of the envelopes, 14 down and 45,000 to go. Vargas walks in with takeout bags. OMG - Do not tempt me. Vargas - You know you want to. Nicole can't - she's in the middle of a mail ???. Vargas can help. Nicole can't ask him to do that. Vargas - You didn't ask. You probably think I'm useless at this kind of thing but I learned a few things in prison. Nicole - Word processing? Vargas replies. Nicole - You are a man of many talents. Vargas - I don't know about that but I do know the sooner we finish the sooner we can eat.

Anne wanted to thank them for getting her home safely last night. I don't really drink. I think that first martini went straight to my head. Chad - You don't have to explain. Anne - Oh, I couldn't, the whole night's a blur. Chad - You're welcome. Abby - So that's all you wanted to say. Anne - No, actually. I owe you an apology Abigail. When Chloe left town and I heard what she had done to your mother I realised all the horrible things she told me about you and Jennifer were nothing but lies. Abby - Really. Anne - So if there's any way we can forget the acrimony of the past months I would like a fresh start. Abby - I'm just not sure why you care so much. Anne - I'm sure you heard I've recently been promoted. Abby - Oh, so it's official. Congratulations. Anne - Thanks. So I'm sure you understand why I wouldn't want to be involved in any pettiness or backstabbing. Abby - Well that makes two of us. Chad - 3 of us. Anne - Great! So I'll see you soon. After she leaves Chad comments - Weird. Abby - That's one word for it. Chad - It sounds like she's going to let the whole thing with Cameron drop. Abby - I hope so. Chad - And if your Mom ever goes back to the hospital at least she won't have to worry about Anne being a complete bitch to her. Abby - yeah, I'm not so sure about that.

Cam, Abe and Theo are sitting in the lounge when a lady comes in and asks Theo if he's ready to finish building that castle. He is. Abe tells him to be good; work hard for Susie and have fun. Don't forget Chad's going to pick you up when you're done. Cam has to go and get this recommendation over to Mrs. Franklin. Abe asks him to hang for a minute. You know that Theo adores you, right? Cam - And I adore him. Abe - But he's a kid who needs stability in his life. He can't have people going in and out of it. Cam - I'm not going anywhere. Abe - Well good because lately you don't seem to have time for him. Cam - I'm a resident and it's a crazy life. Abe - I know, I was married to one once but Lexie always seemed to make time for the things that were important to her. Cam - Look, don't try and tell me what's important to me. Abe - Fine. Then I'll tell you what's important to me. You're the only family in Salem on Lexie's side that is not a DiMera. And it means a lot to me that Theo spends time with his Uncle Cam. Cam - It means a lot to me too ... in a month or so ... Abe - A month? Cam - I can barely breathe and I really don't have time for this conversation. Abe - Then make time and tell me what's really going on here.

Kristen - Brady, what is it? Brady - Nothing. I'm preoccupied with this business deal. Maggie brought your scarf over. Kristen - Then I guess I wasted my trip over here because I didn't find the art proposal either. Do you have any idea where you may have left it? Brady - No. I stopped by the coffeehouse before I came home. Actually I was going to show the proposals to Marlena. She used to be an art lover. I thought I'd extend the olive branch to her then I got the call about this damn merger and that was that. Kristen - So neither one of you saw the envelope. Brady - No. Kristen - Do you think maybe she took it with her? Brady - I don't think so. I shoved everything back into my briefcase; I thought I did. Kristen - Guess I can swing by Caffeinated on my way (Did they change the name from Common Grounds?) and see if I can find it. I'll see you soon.

Ciara - I have a surprise in my backpack for Daddy. Hope - What kind of surprise? Ciara - If I tell you it won't be a surprise anymore. Hope laughs. Wait a minute, if it's a surprise for Daddy why can't Mommy see it? Ciara - Because. Hope - That's not an answer. Is Mommy not going to like this surprise? Ciara - How should I know? Hope - Excuse me, we don't talk to each other like that, do we? I know that you miss your Daddy a lot. Ciara - I'm going to send him this card. Hope - And I'm sure he would love it but you know what, you might not want to send it just yet. Ciara - Why not? Hope - Because I just got off the phone with your Daddy and I have some awesome news!

Segment 3: Nicole - Finito! It looks like Vargas sprung for KFC ... LOL. Nicole thought she was going to be here all night. Vargas would hate to see her waste a perfectly good night. Nicole - Well you wasted a perfectly good morning on this job from hell. Vargas - That's true but time spent with you is not wasted.

Chad - So you don't think Anne meant what she said. Abby - She's being so nice. Anne is not nice. Chad - What was that whole thing about Chloe anyway? Abby - Do you have about 6 hrs? Honestly, it's not worth getting into. It's over I hope. Chad - As long as she drops this whole thing with Cameron we are done worrying about him right. Abby - Yeah. Chad - I've got to head over to the hospital and pick up Theo from Occupational Therapy. Abby - I haven't seen Theo in forever. I'll go with you. Chad - Yeah, you might just happen to run into Cameron. Abby - God, I hope not. I need to use my Aunt's printer. Are we going or not?

Cam and Abe are walking in the nurse's station area. Cam - My next rotation is Internal Medicine and supposedly I can say goodbye to the 80 hr work week. Abe - Things must have changed since Lexie did her residency. You're not supposed to be working that many hours; it's illegal. Cam - It's not illegal if you pick up work somewhere else. Abe - Are you saying you're working a second job. Cam - Ssh. I'd rather no one here know about it. It's no big deal. It's just for a little while until I can pay off some school loans. Abe - You took out those loans to fulfill your dream of being a doctor. Cam - And I did. Abe - What kind of doctor are you going to be if you're running on empty all the time. Maxine listens as Cam replies - I'm fine. Abe - You don't seem fine to me. Cam - Well I don't remember asking for your opinion. Abe - I was just trying to be helpful. Cam - By getting on my case? By making me feel like a screw up? Abe - That's not what I'm trying to do. Cam - I've got to go. Abe - Come on man, we're family. Cam - NO! We're not, not you. Theo is my family. Lexie asked me to look after him and I will. Abe - Really ... when? Theo needs you now and you're nowhere to be found. Cam - Well I'll figure it out. I'll find time for Theo. I told you I would. Abe - Lexie loved you a lot and she asked me to look after you. Cam - I don't need anyone looking after me. I get along fine on my own. I always have and I always will. Now excuse me, I have rounds. Abe and Maxine exchange glances.

Hope - Daddy says his work is almost done and he's coming home soon. Ciara - Yes! I miss him so, so much. Hope - I know you do. So do I! Ciara - Does Grandma Caroline know? We should go tell her! Hope - That's a brilliant idea. Let's go. They leave. Kristen comes in and asks a waiter if anyone has seen a manilla envelope - she shows the size with her fingers. I think it said Titan Art Proposals on it. The girl did see an envelope like that in the trash. Kristen - Where?

John rushes into the park to meet Brady. So glad to get a message from you. Brady starts spewing venom. You're not going to be so glad when I'm done with you. What kind of sick game are you playing?

Kristen digs through the dumpster using a stick. God, what I have been reduced to. EWWW! I have to make sure it's here.

Segment 4: Maxine goes over to Abe. Mr. Carver, how are you? Abe - Hey Maxine. It's Abe to you and I'm doing well. Do you want some coffee? Maxine - Sure. Abe - You know I'm a little worried about Cameron. Is he doing okay? Maxine - Other than acting like a jackass just now he's going to be an outstanding physician. If anything he might be trying a little too hard. Abe - What do you mean? Maxine - He's a proud young man and he knows some people talk. Abe - About? Maxine - They think he's only here because of ... Abe - Oh. Because of his sister. Maxine - Dr. Davis is determined to prove himself, make his own way in the world. Abe - Can't blame him for that. Maxine - No. You're a good brother-in-law Abe. I think Cameron will be just fine.

Chad asks Abby to wait. I just want to say that even though this whole thing with Cameron is a mess, in a way I'm kind of glad it happened. Abby - Why? Chad - I don't know. Because it's been really cool to spend time with you; maybe to make you realise that I'm not a total jerk. Am I way off base here? Abby - I wouldn't say you're way off base. I'm definitely seeing the less obnoxious side of you. Chad - Wow. Talk about faint praise huh. Abby - What I should have probably said is that you have been very helpful and nice. Chad - That's a little better. Anyway I wish I would have been more sensitve about the whole virgin thing. When I found out about I was really surprised. I didn't think that was possible in ... Abby - This conversation started out promising and it's kind of going downhill quickly. Chad - Sorry. There I go again saying the wrong thing. I'm trying to say that I'm really sorry and I tend to get a little awkward around you for some reason and instead of doing the right thing and shutting up I tend to run my mouth ... Abby - Kind of like you're doing right now. Chad - Exactly! But in spite of everything, my being a sort of jerk and you being all worried and panicky, didn't you at least have a little bit of a good time trying to help Cameron? Abby - You mean trying to help Cameron and actually making the situation a whole lot worse? Yeah Chad, that was a blast. Chad - Come on, we had a couple of good laughs. Abby - Even if we did those laughs will be a distant memory if Cameron ends up getting fired. We should go to the hospital.

The worker comes rushing out to the back alley. Sorry Ms DiMera, it turns out the garbage truck already came today. Kristen - So you're saying that the trash the envelope was in is now at the dump? Seriously, you're telling me this now. I guess that means the envelope is destroyed and gone forever. Girl - I'm afraid so. Kristen - Okay. I guess I'll just have to live without those photos. She pumps her fist ... yes!

Nicole is chowing down on a drumstick. I think I'm enjoying this a little more than I should. Vargas - There's no such thing. Nicole - Next time I'm going to treat you to the best clam chowder in town that is if you don't get your stomach turned by a sanctimonious Brady or two. Vargas - Thanks, I think I'll pass. Nicole - It's got to be weird for you to go out and not know anyone. Vargas - Everyone knowing I'm an ex-con, yeah. Nicole - I've been there myself. Vargas - You're not an ex-con. You're just a gorgeous girl who made a mistake. Nicole replies (couldn't understand her). Vargas - Maybe that's why I'm so comfortable with you. Nicole - The further you get away from the orange jumpsuit the easier it will be for you to get out and meet other people. Vargas - Maybe but if I hadn't started out at St Luke's ... nothing. Nicole - With your computer skills you'll be leaving this place in no time. Vargas - Do you think I'm in a hurry to leave.

Chad and Abigail get off the elevator - Theo should be finishing the session ... they see Cam with Maxine at the nurse's station. Chad - I'll be right back. Abby tells Cam she's glad she ran into him. I just wanted to say again how sorry I am about last night. Listen if I thought for a second that I'd be putting your job on the line, I'd ... Cam - Don't worry about it. When it comes down to it it's all my fault. Now if only I felt the need to share every single aspect of my life with you then maybe you wouldn't have felt the need to help me. Abby - I was worried about you and I still am, more than ever. Cam - Don't be. Put me out of your mind forver! Maxine looks over at Abby.

Maggie comes into the coffeeshop. She sees Kristen. I was hoping I'd run into you. Kristen - That's a first. BTW thanks so much for going out of your way and dropping off my scarf; it was nice. Maggie - Actually I had an ulterior motive. Kristen - That's unusual for you. Maggie - I was just going to say it was very generous of you to offer to help Brady with his art proposal for Titan. But Victor, he meant for it to be a bonding moment between ... Kristen - Which is why I removed myself from the situation. We need to be on the best terms possible with his grandfather. Maggie - You actually sound ... Kristen - What? Sincere? It's because I am. Maggie - I remember when we were coaching the Salem Moose together. You were very vivacious and kind with those kids and I was happy when you and John found each other. Kristen - Let me guess what's bringing this up. Maggie - Seeing the old jersey brought up a lot of memories. Kristen - Sure did, didn't it. Maggie - Not that it's any of business ... Kristen - Don't let that stop you. Maggie - I was wondering why John went through so much trouble to find it and give it to you now. Kristen - I don't know, it's weird, isn't it? It's kind of like Neil Curtiss dropping off a Hummel to add to your collection at Victor's and then asking you to take a stroll down memory lane. Maggie - Not exactly because for us it simply would be possible for us to have a nice stroll. Kristen - I know. It's hard to believe that John would actually want to bury the hatchet unless of course it was in my back. What did Brady say when you talked to him.

John - What are you talking about? Brady - That stupid baseball jersey Dad. That you hand-delivered to her that was supposed to remind her of what was that again? John - Oh that ... the person she used to be. Brady - You mean the person who used to love you. Is this what it's come to. Are you that jealous of your own son? Seriously! You need to take it to this level. You're going to start playing mind games with both of us. John - I'm not doing that. Brady - You can't take it that ... stop it ... you need to stop this whole damn thing. She's marrying me. Why don't you deal with it.

Segment 5: Chad has Theo with him. Are you sure you don't want to come mini-golfing with us? Abby - I have a history paper waiting for me and you know how I feel about golfing. Chad - She's worried that we're going to smoke her again. We'll give you 10 free strokes next game. Abby - I will beat you fair and square thank you very much. Chad - So we're still on for our rematch. Abby - Yeah sure, it will be great. Have fun you guys. They leave. Anne walks by and smiles. Hello again. Abby goes to Maxine - How well do you know that curly headed Anne what's her face. Maxine - Millbauer. Well enough unfortunately, why? Abby - I'm just wondering if you trust her. Maxine - Not as far as I can throw her and I believe that might be pretty far. Abby - That is a nice mental picture. Maxine thinks so too. But why are you wasting an ounce of energy worrying about her? Abby - I'm afraid that she might have it in for Cameron; that she might be trying to get him fired. Maxine - Is this about his other job? Abby - You know? Maxine - I overheard him telling Abe that he picked up a second job to pay some bills and Abe was concerned ... is there a problem? Abby - No, Cameron hasn't done anything wrong. I'm the one who screwed up. My mom says you know better than anyone what goes in this hospital. Maxine - Let's just say I've got my ear to the ground. Abby - So will you do me a favour if Anne starts to stir things up, call me. Maxine - Of course. I care about Cameron too. Abby - Thank you. I'm going to use my Aunt Kayla's printer.

Maggie - He didn't say very much. Brady was just wondering why his father gave you that jersey. Kristen - And what did you say? Maggie - I told him about out little team and the winning streak and the day when we go those jerseys was so special because ... Kristen - Because what? Maggie - Well it was the first time I realised John was falling in love with you. Kristen - Wait a second, you told Brady that. Maggie - Yes. Kristen - Excuse me, I've got to get out of here.

John - Son, the last thing I want to do is make things worse between us. Brady - It's too late Dad. I didn't think it was possible but somehow you managed to do it. John - If things can't get any worse will you listen to me. Brady - No, I'm sick of listening to you. Marlena was right. John - What was she right about? Brady - She was right. You talk about Kristen like she's this awful person but deep down you still have feelings for her, don't you. You can't even deny it, can you? Unbelievable. He answers a call from Kristen. She asks him where he is. Brady - I'm just having a little talk with daddio here. Kristen - Just let it go. Whatever he says about me just don't let it get to you. Brady - No worries. I was just leaving. Kristen will see him at home. Brady - Can't wait. Love you too. John - Why don't we get a cup of coffee and talk about this. Brady - No. I don't want to get a cup of coffee with you. Stay away from me. Stay away from the woman I love. After Brady leaves John says - I don't think I can do that.

Segment 6: Vargas pulls out sugar coated (I'm assuming cream filled) desserts. Nicole is thrilled; these are her favourites. Vargas - It's about to get better. He pulls out a can of whipped cream. Nicole - Are you kidding? It's a little bit of overkill, don't you think. There's already cream inside. Vargas puts creme on her fingers as well as the bun. He then licks her fingers then kisses her.

Cam sees Abby in the lounge and is going to leave but Abby asks him to wait. I'm sorry. Cam - You know what, I'm the one who's sorry. I know why you did what you did. I've been a jerk and an idiot not to see how much you really do care about me. Abby - Yeah I do. Cam - Is there any possibility that you can give me another chance. They kiss. Daydream ends. Abby is sitting at Kayla's desk. Get a grip. That is never going to happen now.

John and Maggie run into each other in the square. John - How are you? Maggie - Not so well. I'm worried about your son. John - That makes a couple of us. Maggie - You know we've been friends for a very long time. John - Yes we have. Maggie - I heard that you went out of your way to give Kristen a old jersey from the Salem Moose. John - So. Maggie - Talk to me John. What exactly are you trying to do.

Hope and Ciara are at the pub. Hope - I think we made Grandma Caroline's day. Ciara - I know, her month. Hope - Actually you know what, I think we made her whole year. Hope gets a call. It's work. I'm going to take it over there sweetie ... it's a little quieter. I'll be right back. When she leaves Ciara pulls out the picture of Kristen and Sy. Outside the pub Kristen and Brady meet up. Kristen - Listen, he can dredge up the past all he wants. We're living in the present. The only man I have any feelings for isn't him, it's you. They kiss as Ciara studies the picture.

Segment 7: Vargas bends Nicole over the desk - the box of envelopes goes bye-bye as the red hot kisses continue.

Anne talks to someone's assistant near the nurse's station where Maxine is. I've been trying to get in to see him all morning. The woman tells Anne that he's had back to back meetings. Anne - This is serious. It's regarding a personal situation of an employee and if word got out it could be very damaging to this hospital. The woman will make sure he gets the message before he leaves for Chicago later today. Anne thanks her. Chicago, how perfect! Maxine looks over at Cam and calls Abby. It's Maxine, I think we may have a problem.

John - This isn't your concern. Maggie - I've been hearing that a lot today. Listen to me, Brady is upset and I'm worried that this is going to affect hsi sobriety. So if your intent is to rekindle his fiancee's old feelings for you ... John - My intent is not to discuss this with you. I'll see you around. He leaves.

Brady and Kristen come into the pub. Kristen hopes he's feeling better. He is. She tells him to not let his Dad get to him. Brady won't. Is there anything anyone else can say to come between us ... I don't think so. He kisses her. Ciara sees them and then looks at the picture of Kristen again.
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