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Apr 21 2013, 07:43 PM
Apr 21 2013, 06:40 PM
Panda Panda
Apr 21 2013, 06:28 PM
Isn't focus on writing for Fandoms instead of writing for the character what got Days in this mess in this first place?
Both, IMO, Characters need to be written in character, and couples need to be built and/or affirmed.

And some characters, who are supposed to be more background characters, need to stay that way. Like Maggie. We should be seeing her like once or twice month. Not once or twice a week.

I have no problem with seeing Maggie, or in her having a story.

My issue is that they made Daniel her egg baby son, and there WAS no egg baby. If they wanted to do a story for her, fine. Great. Bring back one or both of HER daughters, Melissa and Sarah, and use THEM. Then give her something to do.

That would have served the character of Maggie far better than inventing a son for her...especially one that so few of us like and admire...and one we know shouldn't exist.

I want Justin and Adrienne to have a story. I want Kayla to have one, too. So I'm certainly not against anyone getting a story. I'd just like one that makes sense and is compelling.
I agree with you and I would like to see those characters have stories, too. Problem is that tptb are trying to engage the 18-49 demo and those characters/actors don't fit that demo, which, IMO, is why we don't see them in A storylines or with storylines of their own. I don't necessarily agree with what they are doing because I am not sure it's producing the results they want. You can't just have a contract cast of mainly under 45 actors and expect to get a large, diverse audience.
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